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UCF Has a New Head Coach, Twitter Has Emotions

Yesterday, the University of Central Florida announced that Scott Frost has been hired as their new head coach. Frost, who was Oregon’s offensive coordinator, has been the talk of the town on Twitter. There was a range of emotions, going from those who are supportive of the new head coach, to a few puns that I’m sure he’s heard once or twice, to others who are just all together confused.

Some tweeters are getting punny.

And more hashtags…

Some people were left speechless.

While others are also embracing the new Head Coach by joining the UCF bandwagon.

Luckily for some, their Christmas wishes are coming true.

I mean really, winter is coming…

Okay, enough with the Christmas jokes already.

Kudos to this guy who gave a great comparison to a woman’s chest and football.

Meanwhile, Oregon’s mascot is really having a hard time accepting this change.

Like a really hard time…

Some of the female fans are struggling with it as well.

And this guy is just overall nostalgic over the whole thing.

Shots were fired, considering he is considered the “anti-O’Leary” by some.

Some people decided to sip on a bit of haterade before taking to Twitter.

And some more jokes at UCF’s expense…


But at least we’ve got support from those who really matter.

And of course others made a mention of his pretty obvious good looks.

But finally, my personal favorite, this perfect tweet from a man who made the comparison of a lifetime.


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