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Top 5 Reasons to Date a Guy From Your School

Okay, so we all know there’s two types of college girls: The ones who don’t want a man and well…the girls who have one. Both are great experiences, they’re just very different ones. It’s all about knowing what’s right for you. Some gals like to be single, free, and mingle with whoever they want. Some are living the long distance relationship lifestyle, which takes two extremely patient and trustworthy people. But some gals are like me, who are happily dating a guy from their school. Having a guy around while at UCF isn’t all so bad, there’s definitely a lot of eye rolling and “OMG WHY’S” when you say you’re in a college relationship—let alone at the same school. Like does he even let you have guy friends, or go out, do you even have time for yourself?…Yes. And if you’re in my position and he doesn’t let you do those things, maybe he’s the level of “Christian Grey” on the control freak scale. It’s not for everyone, but being in a relationship at the same school definitely has its perks and benefits that will make why you dread getting attached, all worthwhile. If he is the right guy, your time spent at UCF will still be amazing, so stop calling your taken friend’s “grandmas” and listen to their side, single ladies!

1)   You’ve Got a Dedicated Netflix Binge Partner:

Don’t wanna go out, wear makeup, or be social? Honestly, who does? You don’t even have to because Netflix is calling your name and you know it…but let’s be real, it always is. The only difference is with a boyfriend you can have a show together, be lame, and order a ton of Z-Baked cookies and a large pizza. Plus, it’s always better being snuggled in your man’s arms than getting hit on by sweaty drunks at Library or Pub. So turn on How I Met Your Mother and picture you and your man as Marshall and Lilly…because you basically are.

2)   He Is Your Real Life Knight:

Ok well not really, but who doesn’t love a protective guy? He’ll make sure you get home safe if you need a DD after a crazy night out with your girlfriends. He’ll never be as cool as Knightro but the least he can do is comfort you if you’re in one of the apartments victimized by all the UCF alert texts, which is like all of them.

3)   Sporting Events Date: Confused?

Well you will never have to be if you date a man interested in sports. Not to categorize them or anything, but most guy’s 1st love will always be their sports… Boyfriends are fun to go to all the football, basketball, and baseball games with because they’re in their prime and will be so happy. They’ll be even happier they have a girl like you to go with them too. You can sing our Alma Mater loud and proud (JK who even knows that?) our fight song (or that?) You’ll even end up being a huge sports genius (alright, not exactly but there’s always free T-shirts girls). So put on your favorite cute game day outfit and support our sports teams!

4)   He’s Always There:

Well hopefully, if he isn’t kick him to the curb. It’s refreshing having someone reliable to have your back and be a shoulder to lean on when school gets stressful. Boyfriends are hardly stressed, unless it’s from us, and sometimes our girl-friends just don’t do the trick. It’s not like a long distance relationship where you have to text, call, and FaceTime on the daily, something about having him close gives you a sense of reassurance and safety.

5)   You Both Just Love UCF:

 There will always be that common ground, and you’ll always have something to relate to. You both love UCF and your Knights! There’s so much to do in Orlando and you’ll have a date to it all. Your sorority functions, a study buddy, a roller-coaster partner, someone to hold you on their shoulders during Spirit Splash (so you don’t get trampled and die) romantic Winter Park dates—and maybe one day you’ll both be alumni and look back knowing UCF is where it started it all.

So stop hatin’ and start datin’!

Gabby is a senior advertising and public relations major who loves Taylor Swift, iced coffee, anything that sparkles, and writing. Her favorite fictional character is Jenna Rink from 13 Going on 30, because she plans to be a "big time magazine editor" one day. Gabby is the the president and editor-in-chief of Her Campus at UCF and a contributing blogger for the Huffington Post. When she isn't writing (which isn't very often), you'll always find Gabby sitting front row of every UCF football game, at Starbucks, or watching re-runs of "Friends." She's got a fascination with New York City, and aspires to work in digital journalism. Follow Gabby on social media if you're interested in the commentary of an average 20-something, food, and the more-than-occassional selfie. Twitter / Instagram / Pinterest
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