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Top 5 “Do This, Not That” Funny Costumes

Are you tired of going Halloween costume shopping with stores only having sizes for infants? Halloween is known as being the one day a year that a girl can dress skanky without judgment. I am pretty sure Mean Girls came up with that saying, so if you want to listen to a disgruntled Lindsey Lohan, be my guest. There are other ways to rock a Halloween party without letting all of you hang out. If you are more of a sarcastic girl, you should flaunt your funny side through your outfit. Here is a “Do This, Not That” list of standard Halloween costumes you can make humorous.

Credit Card

Halloween stores have come up with numerous ways to be a “Gold Digger.” Why would you be a gold digger, when you can be a self-proclaimed woman with her own credit card? If you are a shopaholic, this could be a really cute outfit that your friends would find extremely funny! Embrace your natural shopping nature.

Crazy Cat Lady

Everyone loves to do the whole Sexy Cat or Catwoman costume. Ok cool, you’re a cat. It takes a really creative person to put together some lingerie, a tail and cat ears. Why not make it more comical and be a Crazy Cat Lady instead? There are numerous ways to spin this outfit. One option is to wear a robe, glue cats all over it and wear a grandma wig, like the picture. Sass it up however you like!

Adult Baby

I don’t know about you, but I have never seen a baby wearing something skin tight. You know why? Because babies aren’t sexy, they’re funny! Babies are free to be comfortable and if you want to be one, you should take it literally. Plus, you will be comfortable the whole night! I promise you won’t be sorry.

Brittney Spears and Her Moments

This could be a great idea for you and your friends to do. Instead of the typical Catholic schoolgirl outfit, you and your friends should each be a different Brittney Spears look. She has so many looks that you can have whatever size group of friends as you want. If you are feeling extra goofy, you can take a pair of pantyhose and put it over your hair to be Crazy Brittney. It can be a really fun group idea!

Pregnant Princess

You may think that this is taking it a little too far, but how funny would it be to dress like a pregnant princess instead of making one a little skanky? Maybe those two go hand in hand actually…just kidding. If you don’t like the pregnant idea, you can do another idea. One would be making a Disney princess retro. Let your creative mind go to work and make something unique and funny to you!

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