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Top 5 Best Undiscovered Fruits

If I had to classify myself, I would say that I am a fruit lover. Give me the choice between fruit or vegetables, and I would choose an apple all the way. But I never took the time to experiment with all the fruits that are out there. I’ve mainly kept with the basics: apples, oranges, grapes, bananas, and strawberries. But then I read somewhere that there are more than 9,000 types of fruit in the world, and I decided that while I may not be able to try all 9,000, I could try at least five. So after many trials of eating various fruits, here are my top five undiscovered fruits.

These may not be undiscovered to everyone, but until two weeks ago they were to me. There are many different ways to eat a pomegranate. Some say to eat the seeds (which I did) while others say you just pop the seeds into your mouth and suck the juices and spit out the seed. I ate the seeds and still thought it was delicious. As for how they taste – they remind me of a cranberry with their tartness and sweetness.

Star Fruit
If you’re looking for something exotic and delicious to try, then go buy some star fruit from your local Publix. For preparation, first you take a knife and remove the green edges from the fruit and then slice off the ends. It should now have no green or brown areas. Lastly, slice the trimmed star fruit across the broad side into star shapes about ½ inch thick. Pop the seeds out and you’re good to enjoy this mix between sour and sweet taste!
If you’re a fan of oranges then you’ll love these tart balls of citrus deliciousness. When you go to the produce section look for oval shaped oranges. The difference between this and an orange is that you can eat the skin as you would a grape. I personally liked it with the skin removed, but it’s up to you.
Grapple fruit is just like it sounds: a combination of apples and grapes. The flesh of a grapple is sweet and crisper than an apple. And it does taste like the perfect blend of an apple and grape. One of the great things about these is that they are cholesterol-free and eating this fruit can reduce the chance of cancer.
Dinosaur Egg Fruit
As weird as it sounds, dinosaur eggs are actually a pluot, which is a cross pollination of plums and apricots. Some pluot’s have more plum and others more apricot. They get their name from there large size that resembles dinosaur eggs. All dinosaur eggs are sweet and juicy, and some are also sweet and tart with tangy skins.
Hopefully after reading this you will feel more comfortable experimenting with foods you haven’t tried before. I always saw these fruits at stores, but I never took the time to try them. But since I did, I can now say I have five more favorite fruits to try. All of these can be purchased at a local grocery store or farmers market.  So take a risk, and next time you see a strange fruit with a name like dinosaur egg, give it a try! You might just find your new favorite fruit!

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