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My Favorite Albums To Listen To While Studying

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With the end of this semester and exam week fast approaching, I thought I’d give you three of my favorite albums that I love to put on while studying. So pour yourself a drink, open your computer, put your therapy headphones on, and let’s get some studying done!

Hozier By Hozier

Since his hit song “Take Me to Church” blew up in 2014, I’ve known who Hozier was, but I never took the time to go listen to the rest of his discography until last year. Around exam week last semester, I listened to all of his music and fell in love, especially with this album. I’m absolutely obsessed with this album and it still holds up, and it’s the melody to many TikTok audios even after nine years. Hozier by Hozier will provide the overall good vibes to make even calculus homework more enjoyable.

My Top Three Picks off this album:

  • “Cherry Wine”
  • “From Eden”
  • “Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene”
Folklore By Taylor Swift

I couldn’t write an article about music without putting some of Ms. Swift on here. I’ve been a fan of Taylor since I was five years old and have always found her music to be comforting. Folklore has been on repeat for the past couple of months and is one of my go-to albums for pretty much any occasion, but especially while I’m studying. This album provides me with a chill and comforting atmosphere that you will need even while doing the most stressful of work.

My top three picks off this album:

  • “The 1” (obviously)
  • “Betty”
  • “Seven”
Dreamland By COIN

COIN. COIN. COIN. I have loved this band for so many years and even had the pleasure of seeing them on their most recent tour (which was absolutely amazing). This specific album sparked my love for this band with the first song I ever heard by them (“Crash My Car”). Dreamland provides the fun and upbeat atmosphere that many study sessions need if you are studying something maybe not so fun.

My top three picks off this album:

  • “Valentine”
  • “Youuu”
  • “Crash My Car”

Happy Listening!

Gianna D'Alessio is a Sophomore at the University of Central Florida studying Marketing with a minor in Film. Gianna is a part of the Marching Knights Colorguard at UCF. She loves to read, watch movies and try new foods. Her dream is to one day work for Disney in either digital marketing or film.