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I can’t even begin to describe how ecstatic I was when Nintendo first revealed that they would be coming out with an updated version of Pokémon Snap for the Nintendo Switch console. Growing up playing the old school version on the Nintendo 64, I never imagined there would be a brand new opportunity to continue photographing the Pokémon world this time with updated graphics and an abundance of new species to discover. These are just a few of my favorite improvements that were added to the New Pokémon Snap, making it into a game I believe is worth giving a try. 

Additional Pokémon

In the original 1999 game, there were only 63 Pokémon available for a player to track down and photograph to the best of their ability. Today, there are over 200 Pokémon from every generation — from old favorites like Pikachu and Pidgeot to newer critters such as Applin and Dedenne. It’ll take a decent amount of time to actually complete the Pokédex and capture four-star pictures of every species. 

Unique Story

New Pokémon Snap takes place in an entirely new location called the Lental Region, with new characters to help guide you along the way. Professor Oak is no longer available to offer extremely heavy criticism because Professor Mirror and his research assistant Rita are the new overseers of your photographic expedition. While this is certainly much less of a story game than other Pokémon games, it's nice to see new characters in a new world that has yet to be explored.

Research Levels

One of my main complaints about the 1999 game is how quickly you're able to finish the courses and how repetitive it can feel after a short time. The beauty of New Pokémon Snap is that you can level up as a photographer on each course, and each time a new level is reached, it unlocks more unique Pokémon behaviors and interactions! This allows for more expert photos with much more interesting subjects and makes the game have a higher replay value than it did in the past. 

Improved Graphics

It honestly goes without saying, but New Pokémon Snap is an absolutely gorgeous game to play. From adorable animation to vivid colors and landscapes, you'll find yourself completely infatuated with the world of Pokémon that Nintendo has managed to bring to life so beautifully. It's insane to think about how this unexpected sequel wound up having more captivating graphics than some of the mainline Pokémon games — and I'm certainly not complaining. 

There's no doubt in my mind that the New Pokémon Snap will remain a favorite of mine for a multitude of reasons, one of those being the feeling of nostalgia it gives me. I'm so thankful that Nintendo chose to revive and bring life back to a game that meant the world to my childhood. Anyone who is a fan of Pokémon should absolutely give it a try!

Caroline Hull is a senior at the University of Central Florida and is double majoring in Theatre Studies and Creative Writing. She is pursuing her dreams of either being a successful playwright or an English teacher, and loves to spend her spare time cuddling with her dogs, Maya and Winston.
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