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The Astrological Signs as Ariana Grande Songs

For a long time, some of my favorite Twitter content has been anything that the Astro Poets tweet out. They have one thread I think is particularly fun, and just the kind of lighthearted content I eat up: the signs as metaphors. Recently, I actually picked up studying astrology myself, and I’ve been thinking in my own metaphors since. It’s almost impossible to not see the world through the lens of this science now, and all the spirituality that comes with it. So, of course, with it bleeding into every aspect of my life, I have been actively considering the relation between my new knowledge and my beloved Ariana Grande’s discography. You know, just another way of expressing my obsession with her. 

Now, for those who don’t necessarily know much about astrology, I’m going to suggest a couple of things. First, this is not based only on your Sun sign! Because our rising signs relate most to our expression and our Moon placement reveals our processing of emotions, look at those signs as well. A bonus could be looking at your Venus as well since Ari’s music is very love-centric. If you don’t know your chart, use Café Astrology, but you’ll need a birth time for complete accuracy! 

aries: “worst behavior”
Original Illustration on Canva for Her Campus Media

If anyone is going to absolutely not care how they act for a minute, it’s an Aries. As the first of the zodiac, these firestarters are ready to act with unapologetic passion and forget whatever may be happening at the moment to get what they want. Maybe it’s love, maybe it’s not — they want to find out. And as much as they will show you off, they definitely know how to keep a secret if you catch my drift. 

Taurus: “west side”

Ruled by Venus, the planet of all things romantic and attractive, I had to give Taureans the wifey song. These signs are the epitome of comfort, and they know how enchanting they can be with their air of grace. She’s ready to dive in here, and she knows what she brings to the table. It matches perfectly the subtle nature of Taurean territorialism and the indulgence of spending a whole lot of time with each other and no one else.  

Gemini: “fake smile”

These dynamic signs are all about communication and getting the most out of life. There are trillions of things going on at once, and they’re especially good at discerning when to add what. Just because they’re inviting and boundless doesn’t mean they don’t know how to step back and protect themselves — something you know Ari is doing with “Fake Smile.” In true Mercury fashion, if you’re not it, you’ll be sure to get that neckroll! 

cancer: “obvious”

Cancers love love. Stereotypical or not, it’s true that these water types are usually hopeless romantics, and they have no reason to hide it. Like… hello! Move in with me!!! It’s all or nothing when they feel, as they carry the force of the ocean. And when they’re sure of something, and trust their intuition? Forget about it. They’re never letting you go. Nothing more important!

Leo: “GOd is a woman”

Self-assured with a flair for the dramatic, if anyone can relate to the God figure (other than sister sign Aquarius), it’s Leo. They are the Sun: carefree, vibrant, overwhelming. Ari took over the whole world with this song! She knows what she wants, how she wants it, and why she deserves it. 

Virgo: “in my head”

Virgos are lovely selfless beings who unfortunately get caught up in their expectations and may potentially lose themselves in relationships. The good thing? They know what they want. The bad thing? Well, like Ari, sometimes they settle. Virgos: don’t get lost in this need for control! Somebody out there will surely get you to your Positions era. 

Libra: “break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored”

I can’t avoid giving this song to the Libras knowing about Ari’s Libra Moon. As much as they may be the sign of balance, they are able to disrupt the equilibrium just as much. She’s airy, easily bored and looking for fun! And, of course, Libra is also ruled by Venus, so how could she not know her power of attraction.

Scorpio: “motive”

Before obsession, there has to be a green light. “Motive” is Scorpio because these water signs are the more logical of the bunch, and be it from a little need for control or wanting protection, they have to be sure of the situation before they can totally devote themselves to you. There’s a wonderful sensuality to it though. Want it? Come and get it. So very Scorpio. 

Sagittarius: “7 rings”

Playful, detached, knows who to be loyal to. “7 rings” was Ari’s fiery goodbye to someone who wasn’t serving her, and she does it while being an excellent tease. Plus, fire is fire, and whether a Sag knows it or not, their persona is not one to forget. 

Capricorn: “successful”

I’ll quickly say that I’m being nice, and I could have said a certain song from thank u, next but Ari has a Cap rising herself and I know she channels all of that hard work and more. Capricorns are sure of themselves, a little picky and will always know how to succeed. You know for sure they’re going to bask in the reward from their hard work too. It’s just too fun!

Aquarius: “NASA”

Spacey and casual, Aquarians embody the vibe Ari establishes here. As much as they’ll be undeniably clingy, it’s on their terms only. Give them enough room to miss you! They are the humanitarians of the zodiac, so they want you to remember: they want you, they don’t need you. Most of them would probably rather be in actual space anyway.

Pisces: “six thirty”

Another dreamy romantic, these water placements are also just ready to be wifed. It may seem like their head is in the clouds or they act only on emotion, but they can carry an incredible connection to their desires, others’ desires and how to match them. She wants love, but she’s going to be sure it’s the best kind of love. Like sister sign Virgo, though, they need to be careful to avoid getting stuck in the clouds. They’re ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusion, after all.

These are meant to be fun interpretations of some aspects of the signs, and are obviously not going to embody the whole story! If you’re an Ari fan, I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you think of things like this, too. Odds are, if you’re into astrology, you also follow Astro Poets anyway. Let me know if you think they’d agree. Now, in Ari fashion, i’m logging off. Love u!

Juana Bernal is a Colombian from South Florida learning to navigate the wonders of Central Florida. When not studying to pursue their degree in Psychology, they can be found somewhere outside, checking out new fashion inspo or studying up on astrology.
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