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“Spider-Man: No Way Home” is Here, and I’m Still Freaking Out

If you have not seen the new film yet, run, don’t walk to go watch it. There will be spoilers starting now.

I remember sitting in the theater in 2019 when Spider-Man: Far From Home came out, and we were hit with the insanity of Mysterio doxxing Peter’s identity. It’s been a literal two years since the film has come out, and the hype is intense, to say the least.

Before becoming an MCU fan, I always had a deep love for both Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man movies. After so long of speculation and theorizing, they finally graced us with their presence in their Spidey costumes! The nostalgia was absolutely insane, and the comedy from both heroes and villains hit very well.

It’s definitely not an MCU movie without a tragic death of a major character, and this movie saw the passing of Peter’s aunt, May Parker. Watching her stand up to the Green Goblin had me in agonizing frustration because I knew she was going to get hurt but also knew that she was going to do everything she could to protect Peter. A moment of silence for all the Happy/May shippers out there.

This movie definitely set up a lot of future projects for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, starting off with the most obvious, which is the Dr. Strange film slated to come out May 2022. There’s also a lot of implications as to what is going to happen next for Peter Parker. In order to stop the beings from other universes to come to their own, Peter Parker has Dr. Strange perform a spell where every single person forgets who Peter Parker is. This stings because Happy, MJ and Ned have absolutely no idea who Peter is by the end of the movie and are just living their lives normally.

Does this mean that Peter was never an Avenger? That he never had the relationship he had with Iron Man? It’ll probably be a while until we get our major questions answered, but I can without a doubt say that this Spider-Man movie takes the cake for the greatest Spider-Man movie of all time.

Steph is in her fourth year studying biomedical science and neuropsychology at the University of Central Florida. She is very much into going to the theme parks in Orlando and spends her day loving dogs and hyping over Harry Potter. When she's not writing, she's dying over MCAT prep, volunteering, research, or binge watching the latest Netflix show. Instagram: @stephaaniejimenez
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