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I had no clue that a debate about cookies could divide a friend group so quickly until it happened to me. The other day, a simple request in my friend group chat to go to Crumbl turned into a cyber fight littered with opinions, researched evidence and a whole lot of exclamation points. What were we fighting about? Whether Insomnia Cookies or Crumbl Cookies were better. With both Insomnia and Crumbl Cookies not far from campus, they create quite the popularity with sweet-toothed college students. Though the two places sell the same overall product, some differences lead both parties to think that one is better than the other. Here are some of the points that my friends made as to why they prefer one over the other.

Pros of Insomnia COOKIES

  • Late Night Hours, which is great for late night cravings! The Insomnia down the street from campus is open on most nights until 1 a.m. and delivery is also available until that time. P.S. if you go near closing time they may give you free cookies!
  • You can get ice cream with your cookies. If you have not had a “cookiewich” at Insomnia, you have not lived! The cookiewich is a scoop of your choice of ice cream inbetween two warm cookies. Although it was brought up that Crumbl also serves ice cream, they don’t make the cookiewich that Insomnia lovers crave.
  • No gimmicks, just cookies. According to the Insomnia lovers in my group chat,”Insomnia is superior and they don’t even need all the frosting and toppings that Crumbl relies on.”

PROs of Crumbl COokies

  • Crumbl has a wide variety of flavors to choose from that change weekly. From Banana Cream Pie to Buckeye Brownie, Crumbl has it all. Although they do have the basics, like good old fashioned Chocolate Chip, they keep their menu changing often so there’s always something new to try when you visit.
  • Although Crumbl cookies has many more stores than Insomnia does, you can’t get Crumbl everywhere. Crumbl cookies are unique with their out of the box flavors that no one else in the cookie business is doing.
  • Due to the size of the cookie, the price is hardly steep. Crumbl cookies have a lot going for them. With the size of the cookie plus the icing and garnishes, the quality of cookie that you get is worth the heavily criticized price.


  • Insomnia is basic; there is nothing particulary special about them. They don’t have all the fancy toppings and icing that Crumbl has, which makes them somewhat “basic” in the eyes of some.
  • The flavors at Insomnia stay relatively the same, while the flavors at Crumbl change weekly. Every once in a while there will be an additional flavor that’s added to the lineup, but not as often as Crumbl’s weekly updated menu.
  • Insomnia Cookies is catered towards college kids with its hours and locations. Insomnia Cookies are almost always only located by college campuses, which is a negative because they aren’t accessible to a wide population of people.


  • They’re overrated. When Crumbl rose to popularity, it became very trendy to post your box on Snapchat. Every time someone got a Crumbl cookie you would see it on their story. Some pro Insomnia individuals say that Crumbl is overrated and is only popular because it’s “trendy.”
  • Crumbl is too expensive. Crumbl cookies run for $4 per cookie compared to Insomnia’s traditional cookies being only $1.85.
  • The cookies are way too much. People may want simple cookies and don’t need all the extras that come on Crumbl’s cookies.

Whether you’re an Insomnia lover or a Crumbl stan, both stores can satisfy your sweet tooth and will leave you dreaming about your next bite.

Gianna D'Alessio is a freshman at the University of Central Florida studying marketing with a minor in film. Gianna is a part of the Marching Knights Colorguard at UCF and the Pegasus A Winterguard. She loves to read, watch movies and try new foods. Her dream is to one day work for Disney in either digital marketing or film.
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