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The Clues Behind Harry Styles’ Secret TikTok

In Feb. 2021, Harry Styles walked with his iconic pink beanie on Abbey Road in London, England. Fans were quick to notice that Styles was holding his unlocked cell phone, visible to the paparazzi. On his iPhone was a TikTok profile page for one's own account. In the following weeks, fans were sleuthing through random TikTok accounts with no profile photo. Harries did what they do best: found the account! Styles' so-called account is named @suemonella on TikTok. Finding this wasn't an easy one-step process, though. Fans have gone through countless resources to prove this theory. Let's see what their evidence is and what it might lead to!

Spotify Plaque

When walking on Abbey Road, Styles was seen holding a large Gucci shopping bag with a black box with Spotify's logo peeking out of the top. He had recently reached a billion streams on Spotify with his hit single "Watermelon Sugar." Following this sighting, two videos were posted to @suemonella with the Spotify plaque awarded for the single. The background seemed to show a studio for a photoshoot with music playing. This led to another vital clue.

HS3 Video shoot

Fans have self-named his upcoming coming album "HS3" (Harry Styles Three) until the title is released. Seen in both of the Spotify plaque videos is a table with a piece of printer paper that seemed to have the words "HS3 Announcement Video, shoot date 24/02/22." This small piece of evidence can give us great reassurance for an announcement to be released soon.

February 24 Paparazzi Photos

Styles was seen on the exact date printed on the announcement paper filming a video. He was seen wearing long, flared red and sparkly striped pants. He topped off the look with a red trench coat and black-feathered boa. He was also pictured with a few extras in the video. Is it for the announcement video? Is it for the video he was seen shooting while on the bed in London? We don't know! Styles is so unpredictable. My true guess would be that the bed video shoot is for a music video with the next album. The red trench coat shoot was definitely for the announcement video since the dates align perfectly! It's so exciting to see all this happening in front of our own eyes!

Pink Stairs

Pink stairs is definitely a bold choice for interior design, and through Styles' bold and iconic fashion choices, it's safe to say that it is definitely his house. The architect who worked with him shared photos of his pink carpeted staircase. Seen on the @suemonella account is someone's view of their feet when walking up the bright pink stairs while wearing gray pants with red and navy socks, while captioned "pink stairs are fun." Fans speculate that this is not Styles in the video, but rather someone on his team.


Harry has countless photos taken of him running, so seeing a video that appears to be his point of view while out running isn't too unexpected. The video depicts the view from his eyes, and the scenery seems to be a chilly rainy day. Supposedly, Styles even dressed for the weather as it showed him wearing long, athletic leggings under his shorts. This clothing style isn't an uncommon choice for him either, since he's been seen in it multiple times before.


The first thing ever posted to this account was a video of quick clips that showed a fruit holder being emptied and filled with various fruits and produce. The only indication of a person in the video is a man's hand reaching for the produce, and seen on his left hand is a black cross drawn on in the same spot where Styles' cross tattoo is. This clearly isn't his hand, but there is a rumor that it could be his stylist's, Harry Lambert. There's also a rumor going around that there is an inside joke between the duo that involves the name Sue, which is clearly in the account name. It seems to be a far-fetched idea to know about, but every clue could help solve this mystery release.

While all this is could be speculation, or someone fooling us all, it's great to see how something as simple as an interesting TikTok page can bring such a large community of fans together on social media. There's no doubt that Styles will be announcing something soon, and we fans can't wait any longer! The anticipation is crazy!

Emily is a junior at the University of Central Florida and is working hard towards a degree in journalism with a minor in women and gender studies. She loves to write, explore new opportunities, and share her writing with the community! During her free time she is either listening to Harry Styles or at Universal Studios riding all the rollercoasters!
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