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Thanksgiving Break: As told by Schmidt From New Girl

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

During our college years, Thanksgiving is a time of awkward family questions, unplanned high school reunions, and complete laziness. Despite this, Thanksgiving break is still something most college students look forward to every year. This is because we finally get a homecooked meal, rather than eating mac ‘n’ cheese for the fourth time in a week. Schmidt is a man who understands the importance of celebration, and who overall just gets life. So, without further ado, here is the long weekend of Thanksgiving break, as told by Schmidt from the television series New Girl.

When you finish your last exam before break and couldn’t care less what your grade is. 

And you realize that your only responsibility for the next four days is eating. 

But you get home to your parent’s house and realize how much you miss your roommate on the first night.

While you think your grocery trip will be completely mundane, you end up seeing every person you’ve ever known.

Prepping yourself to go to the local bar the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, because you know it will be a complete high school reunion.

But then you text your high school besties who you haven’t seen in months.

And of course your old friends bring up how different you used to look in high school.

While you’re also trying to prove that you haven’t lost your high school body.

While out, you see the girl who stole your high school prom date, but you really have no reason to hate her anymore.

Or worse, when you run into said prom date (whom things just did not work out with).

So you smoothly try to convince him that you’ve matured and things really could work

It’s finally Thanksgiving day, and of  course grandma asks about your relationship status in front of the entire family, so you simply reply:

But then you can make up for it by telling her all of the adult things you do, like making your own doctor appointments.

Until you start to really realize that you haven’t been in a relationship the past 4 Thanksgivings.

Despite the fact that you’re no longer a child, you realize you still have to sit at the kids table during Thanksgiving dinner.

And when you’re finally done eating 4 servings…

Dinner is over, so naturally your mom complains that you’ve been watching TV in your pajamas all day.

When you go shopping on Black Friday and realize your taste has totally matured.

Saturday is typically spent with straggling in-laws arguing over god knows what.

Thanksgiving break has to end some time, but at least you have Winter break to look forward to!


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