'Temptation Island': Fear Made Into a Reality

WARNING: Potential spoilers ahead.

Recently, I have been using my free time to invest in finding a new show that is worth what little free time I have. A friend suggested this show on Hulu called Temptation Island. At first, the comparison I heard was that it was the opposite of the Bachelor, and had more suspense. Personally not liking the Bachelor franchise, it gave me a biased attraction to the idea of it. After watching the first season and some of the currently-running second season, I have multiple thoughts of what this show does to the audience on the other side of the screen. 

At first, I noticed that Allie DiMeco — who played Rosalina on the Naked Brothers Band — was one of the single women who came to the island to tempt these ladies' boyfriends. 

At the beginning of the first season, I expected the show to end a certain way because usually, predicting reality TV isn't hard. However, Temptation Island opens new possibilities to the expected outcome while keeping you on your toes. The show centers around couples who open up to the idea of going to this island and seeing if their relationships can withstand single people living under the same roof as them. When you first watch, you think you know who will make it and who will flop, but the couples you least expect it from will surprise you by the time you make it to the final episode.  

I found that outside of the drama intended by the whole concept of the show, the beauty of the show is we never see what happened to the relationships in the beginning. Couples range from being together from three to eight years, and that can be a long time to people like me with maybe a max of eight months under her belt. Looking at couples and hearing what they want us to think of their relationship can convince you that they are secure in their partnering. Towards the end, things that affect things in a relationship like cheating and lying are revealed and the outcomes show the past, present and future of what they want from themselves. 

I will say, season one is a more mild version of it. It felt more intimate and the choices made by the couples were keeping me on their toes as to if they would or if they wouldn't make it. Whereas in the second season they're going more for the idea of tempting. As a viewer, I have had trouble keeping my eyes away from the screen. The conversations, tribulations and girl drama is best when it's not yours and plausible. 

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