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Tara Yummy Makeup- Be The IT Girl

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

If you’re on TikTok, you’ve probably seen Tara Yummy and her early 2000s looks. She’s known for her iconic attitude and party-girl lifestyle. Her career started on YouTube as a teenager, making videos ranging from lifestyle to makeup. Through her content creation, she has amassed many loyal followers and built her brand of being a “hot girl at work.” Her hot girl aura is a mindset and simultaneously achieved through her everyday makeup look. Tara Yummy keeps her base nice and simple but her smokey black eyes are what makes her look as iconic as her. She recently came out with a YouTube video giving a detailed makeup tutorial.

But, here’s a rundown of her look, what products to use, and how to attain her daily look.


Whether you want to start this look with eyes or base is totally a personal choice but Tara Yummy herself starts with a concealer. She has spoken out in the past about how she was on Accutane in high school and has clear skin now. So, she starts with a skin tint, applies it under her eyes, and uses any excess to cover up any blemishes. She then takes a light amount of concealer under her eyes and over any of her blemishes. Emphasis on the light amount, a tiny little dot if you will, and blend the concealer out with a beauty blender. 

Higher end: 



When I say Tara Yummy has some of the most perfect eyebrows I’ve ever seen, I mean it. She starts with an eyebrow spoolie and brushes her eyebrow hairs up and out to shape the brows. Sometimes she’ll go in with a tinted brow gel, but that’s only if she feels like her brows are sparse. If you have thin brows I recommend filling them in with an eyebrow pencil or pomade. 

Higher end: 


Blush, bronzer, highlighter, oh my!

The next step in Tara’s routine is her blush. She’s simply a girl who loves blush, so she uses a cream blush on the high points of her cheeks to lift her face and give a snatched look. She then takes a cream bronzer and contours her nose and blends it off with a brush. For her cheeks, she uses a powder bronzer and spreads it around with a fluffy brush. Moving on to highlighter, she takes a powder highlighter and uses a brush to tap it on the edge of her nose, and the bridge. 

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Tara Yummy’s eye makeup is all the rage right now. Her look is very dark and smokey. She takes a black liquid eyeliner and follows her lash line upwards, then follows her top lash line to connect at a point. She then fills it in to make a thick line. Then take a small makeup brush and black eyeshadow to smoke out the bottom lash line.

If comfortable, use a black eyeliner pencil to line the top and bottom waterline. She has super thick, full lashes that effortlessly tie in her eye makeup look. Since not everyone is blessed with naturally long lashes, I recommend curling your lashes first and then taking a voluminous mascara to complete your eyes. Or skip that step altogether and go for some natural-looking falsies. 

Higher end: 

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Tara’s lip routine is simple with a lip liner and cream lipstick. The emphasis is on the color; she uses a deep, almost maroon color. But she starts by lining her lip, overlining ever-so-slightly (although this is not required). She then goes in with her lipstick. This lip combo gives her her iconic pout and brings in her makeup routine. The products she swears by are by NYX, a very affordable brand and you can find the links below. 

Whether you’re ready for a night at the club, or looking for a new routine, Tara Yummy makeup has you back. Her simple, yet dramatic routine can change your look and boost your confidence. As she says, “Tara Yummy is a mindset.” So go pop on your Tara Yummy makeup, remember you’re a baddie, and be the best version of yourself.

Anna Reed is a current student at UCF double majoring in Political Science (Intelligence and National Security) and Theatre Studies BA. In her free time, Anna loves to express herself creatively through writing, cooking, singing, dancing, and acting. She also is a huge theme park enthusiast,plant collector, and music/film buff.