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Super Bowl Commercials We’re Expecting to See

All Americans know about this day. Especially those that spend their Sundays watching football games from their home screens or go to these games to root for their favorite team. If you’re anything like me, you’ve grown up around football and know a few terms like “sac” or “interception,” but anytime this specific Sunday makes an appearance, you seem to get really excited like the rest of America- Super Bowl Sunday. Although my knowledge of football is pretty minimal my main excitements towards this day are the COMMERCIALS (and snacks, we all love the snacks). These companies spend millions of dollars just to be seen on the day of the Super Bowl, besides the halftime show, this is what we’re waiting to take a cool off after an intense game.


There seems to be a pattern of companies that roll around with the best they’ve got when it comes to these commercials. Here are the companies that we’re all going to be excited about:

Skittles This chewy-fruity candy is known for it’s very questionable yet funny commercials. Their slogan “taste the rainbow” is embedded in our minds because of their commercials. Most of the time commercials are targeted towards a general audience so that everyone can understand, but Skittles always seems to input some implicit jokes that make the commercial inclusively open to question. Rumor has it David Schwimmer (Ross from Friends) will be appearing in this commercial multiple times.

Bud light Beer drinker or not, the commercials and brand are well known in America. In 2014 they came out on Super Bowl Sunday with their Budweiser commercial and won over America’s heart. Putting a puppy and a horse together? Nice way to draw in our attention. 2017 era, Bud Light introduced ‘Dilly Dilly’ some type of odd saying that became a slogan to football watchers. As a result of this, whatever team you’re rooting for, the saying ‘Dilly Dilly’ is something almost nationally known (in the football world) and can bring people together. Not sure what to expect this year but I can assume it’s going to be something that’s spoken about.


Doritos “Don’t touch my Doritos and don’t touch my momma!” That seemed to be the commercial line of the century. In the 2010 Super Bowl Sunday, a Doritos commercial comes on with a little boy watching his mother on a date, and the rest is history. That iconic line is still something I definitely remember because of how relative and humorous it was. Doritos seems to be targeting everyone in attempts to make sure the millions they spend on ads are worth. Mtn. Dew and Doritos may be working together this year with bumpin’ music and famous actors (Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage) from a video posted on YouTube in relation to both of these well know companies.

Snickers Snickers really mastered the art of Super Bowl commercial funny in 2010 with Betty White’s debut. She was so good at portraying the “you’re not you when you’re hungry” tagline. Hopefully they bring out more women if they decide to make a commercial for this years Super Bowl creating comedy genius.

Coca-Cola The company I love. I’m not saying the soda is good for your health, but personally it’s tasty and most of their commercials get me in my feelings – I can’t be the only one that feels this way. The commercial ‘Together is Beautiful’ went beyond their cute polar bear mascot and divulged into diversity in America, which is everything we’re about. It was a brilliant way to implicitly sell their product through television and create the underlying truth that people needed to see. We should all be accepted. The wait for another great Coca- Cola commercial begins…now.


Overall, music, people, laughter, and love create a wonderful commercial. Millions of people watch this televised sport event, and that’s why millions of dollars are spent on these commercials. These are the commercials we all can’t wait to see! So, enjoy some Super Bowl snacks, watch the game with loved ones, and enjoy your Super Bowl Sunday.

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Alexa, otherwise known as "Alexa Wexa" is a senior Psychology major pursuing a minor in Public Relations and Communications. As the Co-Event Director of HCUCF she loves creating and planning events for the wonderful writers on the team. In pursuit of making time last, you can find her at Disney or driving around Orlando for the best food, coffee, and photo ops.
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