The Stages of Finals Week as Told by Queen Elizabeth II

It's officially finals week. What does that mean? Levels of stress and coffee intake will substantially increase on college campuses all over the nation.

One thing that eases pain and feeds procrastination is reading random articles that relate to you. What better icon than Queen Elizabeth herself to represent how we feel during hell week?

Her Majesty's 93rd birthday was this past Sunday, so to celebrate her triumph as queen and our sorrow as college students, here are the stages of finals week as told by Queen Elizabeth:

  1. 1. Driving home after studying for five hours and you still not understanding the topics:

  2. 2. Trying to pay attention in lecture, but you're on your phone checking if Meghan has given birth yet:

  3. 3. Hanging out with your friends on Memory Mall to procrastinate and avoid studying:

  4. 4. When people ask you how you felt about the final:

  5. 5.  Walking into Starbucks to get your third coffee of the day:

  6. 6.  When everyone around you flips the page but you're still bubbling in your PID:

  7. 7. Leaving your last exam knowing you start summer classes in two weeks:

Finals week is never fun, but adding some humor à la Her Majesty can help us get through it. Good luck!

Images: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7