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The Spring Break Instagrams You’ll Never See

Instagram (n): a social media site that allows you to share photos of your nights out, your trips overseas, your artsy editing abilities, your selfies, etc. with to your friends, crushes, frenemies and strangers alike. 
Notice that nowhere in that definition is "sharing pictures of the mundane activities you did this summer between all the fun stuff." 
Realistically, you didn't spend every single moment of your Spring Break at a bar with all your BFFs, throwing what you know over the Grand Canyon or candidly laughing over a fireworks display, decked-out in red, white and blue. Here's what your Instagram feed would look like if people were brutally honest (and way too willing to exploit every detail of their lives on social media). 
1. Netflix's "Are you still watching?" pop-up and a bag of chips, or an entire box of finished pizza, sitting with you in bed.  Of course the caption reads, "2 seasons, 1 day and still going strong!" 
2. Annoying workplace pictures. After the fourteenth day in a row with your mean boss and annoying coworker you may post one with the caption, "I've spent more time with these people in the past 2 weeks than my best friends." 
3. The lake with terrible, stormy weather with the caption, "Boat day plans ruined thanks to excessive thunderstorms! #blessed.
4. A dark bedroom with the TV on mute and a bottle of water in hand with the caption "Hungover." 
5. A really bad sunburn, captioned, "I spent all day at the lake without sunscreen and now I can't move! #sunkissed." 
6. One, lone sandal with the caption, "Lost my other sandal, my towel and my dignity at the pool party yesterday." 
7. An airport gate. "Layover in Miami for 3 hours and counting. #travel #adventureisoutthere."
8. A picture of the ocean with the caption "Let the water wash your worries away... And your brand new sunglasses.. And sandals."
9. A picture of a hot guy on the beach with the caption, "Stared at him all day and yet we never spoke! #chickenedout  #noregrets #someregrets." 
You know what, I say we stick to the candid laughing pics and artsy airplane wings. 
Nichole is a junior at UCF majoring in Advertising/ Public relations who loves that tweeting is a huge part of her job description. Hobbies include stealing way too many free mints from restaurants, incorporating song lyrics into everyday conversation and becoming way too attached to TV series on Netflix. She hopes to one day become ridiculously famous for doing nothing like the Kardashians if the whole "get-married-to-Zac-Efron" thing doesn't pan out. Follow her on Instagram&Twitter @nicholesantana because she solemnly swears to never post a #SelfieSunday or #MCM. 
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