Sound Waves: Top Ten Songs to Add to Your Beach Playlist

Growing up in Florida, I've had my fair share of beach days. Whether I'm playing volleyball with friends or just tanning, no day is complete without a rockin' playlist. Here are some of my personal favorites that are sure to make your beach day a great one.


10. Ophelia//The Lumineers

Oh, Ophelia! You make me want to prance through the waves and belt out your chorus! With a folky vibe and upbeat rhythm, this song is a great addition to your beach playlist, especially for the drive there.


9. Amber//311

This song is literally what summer would sound like. Like, if you could hear sunlight, it would sound like this song. Plus, who can turn down reggae at the beach!?


8. Island in the Sun//Weezer

Hey, hey! Whenever I hear this song, I automatically smell salty air and hear waves crashing. It exudes the essence of the beach, and it brings you there. Its lazy tempo and subdued beat add to the perfect beach soundtrack.


7. 10,000 Emerald Pools//BORNS

Time to kick it up a notch. Just as you're falling asleep on your towel, this song comes on and you're back. It's a burst of energy and addicting to listen to.


6. Lose It//Oh Wonder

Keeping the theme of chill yet energizing, this song makes you feel relaxed, like you're floating on the waves. It makes you want to gather up all your anxiety, and lose it.


5. Sound & Color//Alabama Shakes

And we're halfway through the countdown! This track is ethereal and otherworldly, and goes great with the waves in the background.


4. Banana Pancakes//Jack Johnson

Now this is just a classic, an absolute must. I mean, Jack Johnson is a surfer who lives in Hawaii-- if anyone knows about beach music: it's him. This song makes you feel like you just woke up in your bright little beach house with the love of your life and you're gonna make some great breakfast. Daydreaming is perfectly acceptable at the beach. Encouraged, even.


3. June//Wild Belle

We're getting down to the nitty gritty. First of all, this song's title is "June." It's practically made for the beach. The track is chock-full of interesting sounds and a catchy beat. Not to mention Natalie Bergman's voice is as beautifully gritty as the sand you will encounter while listening to this song.


2. Simple Things//Ziggy Alberts

This is one of my absolute favorites as of late. With its acoustic sound and its sweet, bright lyrics, it will be a favorite of yours in no time.


1. Santeria//Sublime

Ah, Sublime. Classic. How could I have a beach playlist without Sublime? With reggae roots and a legendary chorus, you can't help but vibe to this beachy beat. Everyone likes this song, and if anyone ever tells you they don't, they're lying.

So there you have it! A well-rounded playlist to make your beach day shine!

If you're looking for more, check out my Spotify for my collection of favorites!


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