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Sorry for Rioting

We’ve all heard of those epic Wednesday nights at Dungeon Lounge, where it’s okay to let your inhibitions go to the wind and get a little crazy. Yet some students at our fine campus lose, or have no idea what the true meaning of “Riot Wednesday’s” is. I’m an avid goer of Riot, and in my experience I’ve met many different kinds of people who partake in Riot.

The Casual Goer: This is a person who will spend most of their time near the bar or perhaps in Knight Library. Having a good time just like any other night.

The Rioter: Stays in Dungeon most, if not all, of the night enjoying their fair share of dubstep and house music.

The Rioteer: A definite partier, there is no doubt in that. Has a good time but is still contained in the amount of fun they have. 

And the utmost dedicated Riotnaut: Someone that lets loose and really gets the full experience of Riot. They are currently partying their faces off.

One thing that really tends to grind my gears are those who have the excited look on their faces, and frequent Facebook posts about attending Riot, when in fact they stand in Knight Library having just another normal night. Please don’t lie to me and your other friends and say that you “Riot” when in fact your feet remain firmly planted on the ground all night. The phrase “Riot” entails the actions of jumping up and down, fist pumping, and the occasional yelling, all while enjoying a night full of electro pop, dubstep, and house music. 

With great drink specials and an awesome atmosphere, before you know it the music has enticed you to inch even closer to the DJ. With a couple of drinks under your belt you find that this dubstep craze might not be so bad. You just can’t let the rules of casual clubbing, where getting crazy looks bad for you, get in your head on these nights, because at Riot it’s not about that at all. It’s as if you’re going to a concert every Wednesday for only 7 dollars. You can’t beat it.

So call in sick to work, skip that Thursday morning class, and party your ass off at Riot! Trust me, it’s a great workout.

-Real UCF Guy, and yes I’m a riotnaut.

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