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Six Tools to Serve as a Tour Guide

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

There’s more to this city than meets the eye. Orlando is more than Mickey Mouse ears and palm trees, and getting to know our quirky little town doesn’t have to hurt your wallet! Here are six tools to help you get out and see your city:

The Orlandoan 

The Orlandoan is the cyber guide to experiencing Orlando for under $20. Their tagline of “hip—thrifty—local,” is exactly what everyone needs, as well as the weekend previews telling what’s going on this weekend.

Food Trucks

I can’t think of a better way to get to know a town than through its tastes. Lots of people love the uniqueness, the city vibe and ability to support local businesses that food trucks provide, so come check them out for yourself! The Daily City has a food truck guide to steer you straight.

The Daily City

Speaking of The Daily City, this site is an amazing tool to find all sorts of places around town. Locate lists of local farmers markets, vintage shops, venues, diners and more in a breeze, and then spend the weekend strolling around them with friends!

Orlando Weekly

One of the best ways to see your city is to pick up a copy of the Orlando Weekly, “Orlando’s best going out guide,” and browse through the events that are coming up. Every day of the week there are events of all different types: film, music, sports, theater, art, comedy, etc. Check out the online calendar here.

On the Orlando Weekly website you’ll also find the comprehensive list of the Best of Orlando, what thousands of fellow Orlandoans believe make our city beautiful. So go experience it all for yourselves!


We all know and love Twitter for its social media and networking purposes, but millions of businesses, venues and organizations use it as well to get the word out on sales, events and promotions.

Use Twitter to your advantage! It’s a resource for all things happening at this moment. Here are a few of my favorite Orlando-themed Twitter accounts:









Be sure to follow them to find fun things to do and new places to go around the city!


Scavenger hunt

While it’s already been decided that the fall season is the perfect time for a good ol’ fashioned scavenger hunt, use this adventure as an opportunity to explore previously uncharted territory with a group of friends!