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Shuffles App by Pinterest: A Battle for Invite Codes

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What is Shuffles?

Reddit, TikTok and many other social media platforms have been raving over the new app by Pinterest: Shuffles. The mood-board app launched in July 2022 and has been invite-only since. Hence, the battle for an invite code (but we’ll get into that in a bit.)

Shuffles is a platform that links to your Pinterest account, allowing you to pull images from your boards to create a collage. Many have compared the new collage app to Polyvore and have gone as far as to name it “Polyvore 2.0.”

How it Works.

Shuffles is currently available only for IOS and requires an invite code to get into the action! This app is linked to your Pinterest account and has access to your public boards. Now that’s convenient!

Can’t find what you need on your public boards? Shuffles offers the option to search through Pinterest and type what kind of image you need in the app. It also saves the images you use and offers ‘precut’ images for a quick add.

Arrange your images to your liking to create mood boards, fashion inspo, phone wallpapers and more. Finally, add your hashtags and post!

Is it another social media platform?

There are social media aspects to Shuffles and opportunities to form a community that include:

  • A “For You” page
  • Follow counts
  • Liking, commenting and sharing
  • Direct messaging
  • Hashtags

You can also see the people you invited and interact with them if you please. In my experience so far, the people on Shuffle have been very sweet just like those on Pinterest. The vibes on Pinterest are immaculate, but that isn’t news!

So, about the invite-code battle… 

The Reddit forums have been very active, especially when it comes to invite codes. Some users post their codes for free, while others have decided to make a profit out of them. To each their own, I gave mine away for free.

Codes posted by users are snatched up almost instantly by many yearning to be a part of the Shuffles community. To regulate who gets a code, some users have asked others to DM them.

It took me months (or what felt like it) to get a code and start creating! Thank you, kind Reddit user whose boyfriend had a spare code! Oh! There is the option to be waitlisted for admission into the app after downloading.

Is it worth the hype?

I think so! There’s no need for a premium subscription to use the app to its full potential. Shuffles has an easy way to add images without the hassle of importing or buying them. You can also click on a specific image in a person’s collage and be taken to the original pin. You can save pins to your public boards while searching for images for your collage.  

I missed the days of endless collaging and vision-boarding. I remember using Polyvore in its hay-day and ShopLook years later. Shuffles proves itself as a wonderful tool for storytellers and creatives! Shuffles brings collaging back in a fresh way to collage and create!

Taiz Yamillette "Yami" Garcia is an English major – Creative Writing Track with a Technical Communications minor at the University of Central Florida. She enjoys reading fiction, fantasy, and romance novels. Yami is a creative through and through with a passion for language! Her goals are to become an editor, ghost writer, and published author!