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This week, the king of YouTube has blessed his fans with uploading two videos in his new series, The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star. This collaboration is something that everyone knew was coming, and more importantly most everyone was very excited about.

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It started in August of 2018 when Shane and Jeffree collaborated on a different series, which delved into parts of Jeffree’s life that his fans had never seen. During this series, Jeffree joked around about the idea of him and Shane collaborating on a makeup line. At the time, though some fans were super excited about the idea, most also believed that it would never happen. Fast forward a few months into January of 2019, and someone found the new trademark that Jeffree created, titled “Controversy.” This immediately caused an outburst of people becoming super excited to get another collaboration between Jeffree and Shane. 

On Tuesday, Sept. 24, Shane released the trailer for his collaboration with Jeffree, which highlighted all the adventures he and Jeffree had been on in this past year of filming. It also highlighted various controversies that have happened over the past year, including the James Charles and Tati drama. The biggest shocker shown in the trailer was the amount of, what most can assume will be, upcoming merchandise, including a dead pig backpack and mirror. It will likely launch during or after this series. It also showcased various controversies that Shane has been in this year, including his and Ryland Adam’s engagement. Surprisingly, at the end of the video, the release date was Oct. 1, which was just a week after.

The first video, titled The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star, has already been seen by over 17 million people. This video was a great introduction, where everyone gets to see Shane and Jeffree meet up to attend a Morphe Store grand opening. When Shane and Jeffree meet up again, viewers can instantly feel their chemistry and it creates such an energy around the entire video. 

The video that came out on Oct. 4, titled The Secrets of the Beauty World, has already reached nearly 500,000 views and counting just three hours after uploading. This video went a lot more in-depth on what viewers and fans can expect to see once this collaboration is over. They discuss the financial aspects of the beauty industry, including how much one of Jeffree’s palettes cost to create and how much he sells them for. It also dives into Shane working on shade names and the colors for an eyeshadow palette, as well as a lipstick collection. 

It’ll be exciting to see what all gets released at the end of this video series, and also more exciting to watch Shane Dawson continue to grow as both a person and as a YouTuber.

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