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Say No To 50 Shades of Grey, Say Hello to Spring


Color is one of the most underestimated choices in fashion. The difference between periwinkle and navy blue can completely change your statement. Color never really goes out of style, depending on the season. You have the dark mysteries of fall, the black and whites of winter, the rich florals of spring, and the neon summers. As quickly as the weather is changing in Florida, so is the fashion between winter and spring. While many of you northerners are enjoying snowy days, here in Orlando we have been rotating between highs of 85 and lows of 42. This has caused a great range in fashion choices I’ve seen on campus, but one thing is for sure: Spring is coming fast and there is nothing grey about it.

Preparing your wardrobe for February in Florida can be tricky sometimes. As February is my birth month, I remember panicking every year about what to write on my invitations as the dress code (“Will it be too warm for semi-formal?! Too cold for casual?!”). As I talked about previously, I’ve seen a lot of long-sleeved dresses that are fabulously versatile when it comes to keeping you cool or warm, depending on how you style it. I ran into Ashley Pawlik on the way to my General Psychology class when I was distracted by a bright source of yellow from the corner of my eye. After taking in her whole outfit, I was completely in love with the versatility of it all. Her denim jacket, one of the biggest wardrobe staples of 2012-2013, was paired perfectly with a belted dress that practically screams, “SPRING! GIVE ME SPRING!” And to finish it off, her woven patents perfectly topped off her outfit. What I loved most about the shoes is that, being neutral, they didn’t shove her fully into April just yet. Giving your “Almost Spring” outfit a neutral shade will still remind people that is is still February, after all.

Color can be your best and worst enemy. For me, I try to stay away from solid oranges and reds. My skin tone is already tan enough without the aid of any warm colors making me look like Snooki’s taller brother. However, somebody with Snow White skin can pull off a perfectly pin-up look with a nice bright red dress and lips to match. If you’re one of those people that likes to stick to the darker colors and pretend that it is fall/winter every day of the year, take this time to put a couple new statement pieces in your wardrobe. Go shopping and try on a color you never have before, you might be surprised at what you find. Something as simple as a rich green scarf to pair with your gorgeous red locks can make enough of an impression to possibly even get that writing position you’ve been yearning for. Confessions of a Shopaholic, anyone? Just me? Okay. However you choose to make your mark this spring, make sure you make it with all the confidence in the world. Nothing is more on point than a woman in color that knows just how hot she looks.  

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