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Say it Don’t Spray it

In most situations I prefer a strong woman that knows what she wants and can communicate it. The communication lines are an essential aspect to a successful relationship. It’s when the lines are broken that you tend to find problems. Men aren’t known for the natural ability to decipher a woman’s gesture that she’s hungry or upset. Most men, not all but most, take things for face value. Tell me what you want, not what you would hate to see happen. Don’t make a sad face and expect me to know that you need a blanket and the fan should be turned off. Just say what you’re thinking and arguments could be easily avoided; because when I don’t understand what you mean by a frown and you get upset, then I get upset.  Before we know it, we’re in the middle of an argument over how I don’t even know you and don’t care about you. But if you could have just said what you wanted, it would have been avoided. Men and women naturally communicate in different ways, so making sure that the lines of communication are always open and easily understood is as important as great sex. A successful relationship takes work from both sides.  Eventually we usually catch on to the signals, but it does take time. Cut us some slack. It would be greatly appreciated, and many arguments can be avoided because of it.

-Real UCF Guy

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