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Roommate Blues to Roommate Bonding

We’ve all had them. We all know how awful they can be. We also know how awesome they can be. For once, it’s not a relationship. It’s the very people we live with, our roommates. We can either love them, or we can’t stand the site of them. I’ve been through the good, the bad, and the ugly (literally), so I’m going to share with you all what I have learned from my roommate experiences.

Everyone has to have that one awful roommate throughout their dorm experience, it’s inevitable. Some people are strong enough to ignore the situation and move past it while others would rather retaliate in their own little ways. I had an awful dorm experience. And by awful, I mean terrible.
What I did, instead of sulking in my room when I wasn’t in class, I found ways to keep myself busy by doing things I enjoyed. The gym is a great place to go get a great workout in, and it also relieves all of that pent up anger at this awful roommate. It’s a win-win situation! The best advice I can give is don’t be afraid to use your RAs (or whoever monitors the floor). They will be more than willing to help you in any way they can. If they can’t help you, go above them. Do whatever it takes to rectify the situation. Being in an awful living situation can really take its toll on a person.

Although there are some bad ones out there, there are some great ones too! I am a firm believer in doing roomie activities. Some may laugh, but it’s through these silly activities and adventures that real friendships form. One of my favorite things to do with my roommates is to have a “family” dinner. Once a semester, usually right before classes start, we all try to get together and have a nice sit-down meal. Each of us makes something to bring to the table, and it’s really fun when we all get to sit down and chat. With our schedules all being here, there, and everywhere, when we get the time to have a fun movie night, or a Just Dance 3 party, we take the opportunity to have a fun time. It’s the little things like taking trips to the grocery store, running silly errands, or taking tours of that awesome, brand new apartment complex that bring you closer together without even knowing it.

The key to any roommate relationship is communication! Communication is the key to everything! It’s the key to dealing with bad roommates and the key to having a great roommate. Be very open and honest with each other in any situation, but be sure to remain calm in a bad one. Always remember that these are the people you have to live with (by choice or not), so anger is not the way to go. By just communicating your concerns with each other, all conflict is sure to be avoided. By staying involved in each other’s lives, even if it is bits and pieces, there will be minimal issues.

With the holidays coming up, a great way to bond is to take a trip to Target, pick out the cutest holiday decorations and have a decorating party complete with hot cocoa, NSYNC Holiday Music on Pandora, and Christmas cookies! Happy Bonding Collegiates! 

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