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Reviewing the Shane Dawson x Jeffree Star Collection

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Yes, I stood in line for nearly three hours at the Morphe Store to buy this entire collection. No, I do not normally wear makeup. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

This collection was such an iconic moment for fans of Shane Dawson, and as someone who has followed him since he started out on YouTube, I knew I had to have the entire collection as soon as it dropped. My family greatly questioned my decision to buy this collection considering my typical morning routine never includes doing my makeup, however, there was no talking me down from purchasing it for myself.

I decided before leaving that I was going to purchase the entire collection and either a mirror or a makeup bag. I ended up with a makeup bag and it’s a perfect size as it fits the two palettes, six lipsticks and the lip gloss.

The Conspiracy Palette:

These shades are incredible. I’ve purchased some other palettes in the past, both drug store and more expensive makeup, and the pay-off of this palette is incredible in comparison. The packaging is also stunning and feels very expensive. I really enjoyed using the shades “Food Videos,” “Cheese Dust,” Flaming Hot” and “Trisha” to create a sunset eye look! 

The Mini-Controversy Palette:

I tend to use this palette more frequently for day-to-day looks! The pay-off is still very high quality, and the only duplicate shade is “Diet Root Beer,” which I’m definitely not angry about as it is an absolutely stunning shade. I enjoy using “Cry on my Couch,” “Diet Root Beer” and “Controversy” on my lids for a subtle look, and then “Cancelled” under the eye for a nice pop of color.

The Lipsticks:

I’ve used lipsticks more frequently in my life than eyeshadows as after I graduated high school I decided that the only makeup I wanted to own was lipsticks, and I’ve really enjoyed trying all different kinds. However, I was quite nervous to purchase these lipsticks as I was never fond of liquid ones. Yet, these are incredible. They aren’t drying, the color is to die for, and you can’t even tell it’s on. Also, it stays on very well throughout drinks and eating. My favorite color is “Are You Filming?” which is a beautiful red color. 

The Gloss:

This gloss was not easy to get. The Morphe store actually didn’t get the shipment of the lip gloss in before launch, so my only hope was to order it online at launch. I tried the Morphe website and the Jeffree Star Cosmetics website. The Morphe site sold out before my order went through and the JSC website crashed numerous times before I was finally able to get the gloss into my cart. Once I had it in my cart, I waited about two hours for it to process and another four hours before I got my confirmation. However, after all the stress, it came in very quickly and it was definitely worth the wait! I love lip glosses since you can pop it on without other makeup and it not look too crazy. Still, I hate that lip glosses can be super sticky. Luckily, this gloss is nowhere near being sticky — it feels very hydrating and looks absolutely beautiful!

All-in-all, I highly suggest purchasing this collection at re-launch if it’s something you were looking forward to as every product really goes above and beyond the expectations — at least the ones I had for them.

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Darby is a Senior at UCF studying Interdisciplinary Studies with a minor in Anthropology. Darby was born and raised in Kentucky but decided to make the move to Orlando in the Fall of 2017. When she isn't studying and writing, she can typically be found playing video games with her husband, worrying about life after college, or playing with her dogs.
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