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This is a photo of the name of a restaurant I am using for my article. It is specifically about them.
Chelsea Velez

The Restaurant You Need to Visit: Cuba 1800s

Your own Cuban hideaway awaits and why should you go? Well, there’s food of course! Cuba 1800s is a family-owned restaurant that serves delicious meals that remind you of your mom’s home-cooking if you’re far from home or is the perfect first experience at eating authentic Cuban food!

The restaurant is still fairly new to the scene having opened up on Colonial nearby UCF. They host a lot of events to keep their place lively and the inside gives a genuine feel representing the country. When walking inside you see steaming food, vibrant colors, and a stage set up with instruments such as a guitar and the bongos.

They host giveaways on special holidays such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, International Food Day and more! Everything that they host is posted to their social media pages such as Instagram.

If you are interested in a new experience go ahead and check them out on Saturdays where they have a chef go and make Cuban-style paella in front of everyone at a very affordable price. 

Aside from paella, they also have congri, ropa vieja, yuca, tamales, maduros, chicken, breaded steak, pork, and so many other mouth-watering options! 

Food from the restaurant I am profiling for a story
Chelsea Velez

If you have more of a sweet tooth, their pastries are delectable. You’ll want to save room for dessert after the main course.

This is an image of dessert from the restaurant I am profiling
Chelsea Velez

Not only are you experiencing live music, authentic food and affordable prices — the whole staff is very welcoming as well. They truly bring the meaning of family to the restaurant and treats everyone as such! You won’t want to miss out on finding your new birthday celebratory restaurant, study place or hangout spot! 

Chelsea Velez is a senior majoring in journalism and double-minoring in creative writing & sociology. She spends most of her time writing, drinking coffee, and running around finding the latest story. She plans to become a well-known writer in whatever form that may be and inspire others through her content creation.
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