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Reminiscing on the Past ‘Bachelor’ Villains & Predictions for This Season

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Bachelor Nation, we are back on our bullshit and already our newest season with Pilot Pete has provided plenty of dramatic moments and tears. A Bachelor season is nothing without a good villain. Before we truly solidify the villain of Peter’s season, let’s pay respect to the girls that have provided us with drama in the past. 

Corinne Olympios

Nick Viall’s controversial season was my first taste of the Bachelor world and so Corinne will always hold a special place in my heart as the first villain I loved to hate. Corinne was all over Nick like “cheesy pasta” throughout the season, especially during their photoshoot date when she removed her bikini top and had the other contestants screaming…literally. What would her nanny Raquel think? Nap Queen Corinne’s most iconic moment was when she slept through a Rose Ceremony and later told the girls she “didn’t mean to offend anyone by taking that nap.” It’s alright, Corinne! Besides, “Michael Jordan took naps, Abraham Lincoln took naps,” everybody naps! Let’s not forget the most important quote of the entire season, when Corinne’s confessional gave us the famous “my heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum.”

Krystal Nielson

Krystal’s voice on Arie Luyendyk’s season had viewers running to hit the mute button, and other contestants mocking her in their confessionals. The hybrid between baby voice, sarcastic tone and long breathy sentences made her voice something everyone in Bachelor Nation will cringe to forever. Despite redeeming herself in the eyes of most viewers on Bachelor in Paradise, Krystal was quite the villain on Arie’s season. She first earned her place after the second one-on-one of the season, where she met Arie’s family but refused to share details about her date with the other contestants, immediately frustrating the house. Her most iconic Krystal moment was the dreaded bowling date. Krystal, on the winning team, was furious with Arie who rescinded his previous claim that the losing team would be sent home. Competitive Krystal didn’t like this development and apparently had a blowout off-camera on the bus ride home, recounted to us through whispers by the other women. Nielson’s claims that Arie was a liar didn’t sit well with her fellow contestants…but we all know how the season ended, so she wasn’t necessarily wrong. Her final villainous hurrah was throwing poor Kendall under the bus during their two-on-one and saying that she was not reading for love, let alone marriage. Arie didn’t stand for the Kendall slander and sent Krystal packing.

Demi Burnett

Although I personally believe Caelynn to be the villain on Colton Underwood’s season (my inner Hannah B. bias is showing), the consensus has decided to give the title to Demi. Demi’s confidence rubbed most contestants the wrong way, especially Traci. After a tense group date where Demi runs offstage to share her first kiss with Colton in front of the other women, she makes the mistake of touching the sacred group rose, creating an uproar in the house and causing a Bachelor Nation debate about whether she was confident or just immature. Demi’s most iconic, yet controversial quote came after her argument with Courtney which led to her telling Colton that Courtney was the “cancer of the house.” Notable mentions include Demi saying the other women’s’ “cougar attacks” didn’t phase her and consoling Traci by complimenting her storytelling skills.

Who’s Next?

There is a clear front-runner for the villain on Peter Weber’s Bachelor season and that crown goes to Hannah Ann. Hannah Ann started the season with the target on her back after stealing Peter from other girls a whopping four times. Her blink-less gaze sends shivers down my spine, but I love to see the girl on-screen so I can complain to my fellow watch-party attendees. She continued her villainy after Champagne Gate when she told Peter she was being bullied by fellow contestant Kelsey, who was understandably upset after the birthday bottle she’d been saving for over a year was popped by someone else (due to meddling from the producers no doubt). 

My other prediction for villains on Peter’s season includes Kelley F., who had coincidentally met Peter a month before filming began, and Mykenna, who hasn’t done anything scandalous yet, but I am getting Krystal-like vibes from her. 

Needless to say all of the women on Bachelor seasons, whether they’re a villain or not, are beautiful and entertaining. May I propose a toast? To a Bachelor season full of laughs, tears, pilot puns and windmill jokes! 

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Jaime is a senior at UCF studying Human Communication and Mass Communication. She currently works as a Social Media Intern for a college on campus. When she's not studying, she's still studying vicariously through her Sims or tending to her farm on Stardew Valley.
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