Putting Goodwill to Good Use

With a little bit of time and patience, you can refresh your fall wardrobe with all sorts of cute items—at an affordable price. As college students—between paying for parking passes, textbooks, and tuition—we often feel like we miss out on the newest trends making their way through the malls throughout the semester, but that shouldn't discourage anyone from shopping until they drop. Thrift stores give you the opportunity to find cute outfits without breaking your bank, and you can even find designer pieces at unbelievable prices! For those of you who love to DIY or have creative minds, thrifting allows you to turn something you might not usually wear into a hip item, and even if your scissors slip you won't feel too bad, because that top was only $3! I've hooked you guys up with a school week's worth of thrifted outfits (all items but the accessories are from Goodwill) for inspiration on refreshing your own wardrobe:

1. Monday

This outfit is perfect for a day of morning classes and some brunch with friends later on. 

  • Striped button-up shirt - $3
  • Levi jeans - $6
  • Tommy Hilfiger tennis shoes - $6

2. Tuesday

As the weather starts to wind down in the fall, a comfortable jacket is a must!

  • Champion windbreaker jacket - $4
  • Lee Riders - $3
  • Tommy Hilfiger tennis shoes - $6 

3. Wednesday

Sometimes you need a bit of a Where's Waldo vibe when you're trying to escape the hustle and bustle of campus rush hour.

  • Charlotte Russe striped shirt - $2
  • Black Lee jeans - $4

4. Thursday

The Reflection pond is the number one spot for impromptu photoshoots, and denim always meshes well with the background.

  • Wrangler denim jacket - $8
  • White tank - $3
  • Tommy Hilfiger skirt - $4

5. Friday

Something a little more casual, maybe for an evening walk or paddle boarding by Lake Claire.

  • Champion shirt - $1
  • Denim shorts - $6

Take the time to search through the racks at your local Goodwill and you'll be able to snatch the perfect find! Nothing feels greater than coming home with a $20 haul, all stuffed into a giant bag. 

Special thanks to @stephanie_shekarchi for modeling her thriftiest fall outfits!