Profile: Samantha Purcell-Musgrave

Her Campus UCF had a chance to sit down and talk with a student who is making big career advances and who is wholeheartedly involved at UCF at the same time. Samantha Purcell-Musgrave is a spunky senior who is building her pathway to success, while also serving in her community. She recently returned from a Legislative Scholars Internship in Florida’s Capitol representing our beloved Knight Nation.

Briefly describe your experience as a legislative scholar intern and what did it teach you? 

As a legislative scholar intern, I worked under the Orange County Legislative Affairs Director. I was located in Tallahassee, FL for the duration of the 2016 legislative session. I would attend daily committee meetings, attend both the Florida House and Florida Senate Sessions, track bills, and generate weekly reports. The internship itself took the concepts I learned about in textbooks and truly solidified my understanding of the legislative process. Even more so, I learned that I can actually make a difference in my state.

From that internship what can you bring back to UCF?

This past legislative session held a lot of weight for UCF’s legislative priorities. I’m glad to say that one of the largest priorities, funding for the downtown campus, was approved in the budget. It was awesome to see the process behind a vital part to the next expansion of UCF and to see it be successful. Through this internship, I am able to bring back not only a better knowledge of what I can do to help my university after I graduate, but also a strong knowledge of how to help build UCF while I attend the university.

What is your definition of being involved on campus and how are you involved? 

My definition of being involved on campus is using your passions and finding that organization, or organizations, which help you build upon your passions and grow as a person. Over the past four years that I have been at UCF, I have been involved in a variety of organizations – with most focusing on leadership and change. I started my UCF involvement as a LEAD Scholar my freshman year and got involved in the community through a variety of service projects and volunteer opportunities. I was also involved in UCF’s Student Government Association (SGA) through the Executive Communication Council (ECC). From my freshman year forward, I became more involved in a leadership aspect by joining the National Leadership Society of Leadership and Success as a member and executive board member as the community service chair. Also in my freshman year, I founded the registered student organization (RSO) Knights of HOSA and have served as the President growing the organization into what it is today over the past couple of years. I also served as Peer Mentor for UCF’s First Year Experience course, Strategies for Success. Then, I had the chance to serve as a teaching assistant for an Industrial/Organizational course taught at UCF. My current job at the UCF FAIRWINDS Alumni Center led to my involvement in helping fundraise money for scholarships that UCF students can apply to, helping out at tailgate events for UCF alumni, and connecting with incoming freshman at student orientations.

How important is it to be involved on campus and in our community of Orlando? 

The importance of being involved on campus, and in the Orlando community, is invaluable. The benefits not only start with being able to give back to the community, but being able to know where you are and how you can contribute is a great feeling. Then, being involved on campus, helps you start building a network and exploring who you can be in the future. Both involvements allow you to experience with a wide view instead of through just one, small window.

What are your goals after graduation?

After graduation, I plan to pursue my master in Public Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Policy. I would also like to procure a job in governmental relations in a healthcare facility, preferably a hospital.

What do you do to have fun and/or relax?

I love to go to concerts and listen to good music. Then, if my wallet is crying, I’ll curl up with a good book or my writing pad for a few hours. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends. If I have the time, my favorite thing to do is adventure around and find the unique finds in the area.

At UCF, what is most important to you and why? 

At UCF, what is most important to me is the opportunities the university gives its students. This is an important aspect because I feel that when I graduate, I will be prepared to flourish in the next chapter of my life.

Do you think UCF is great? Why or why not?

I 100% agree that UCF is great. I love that UCF says that it stands for opportunity and actually lives up to the motto.


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