The Product You Should Never Leave Home Without

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It’s no secret that Florida’s heat and humidity takes a toll on your perfectly sculpted hair. In this climate, it’s almost impossible to make it to class looking the same way you left home. Luckily, I’m about to introduce you to your new best friend: dry shampoo.

After recently trying out psssst! The True Original instant dry shampoo, I fell in love with the product and my hair. Gone are the days of hiding my hair in a messy top knot or baseball cap. Instead, I carry this portable sized bottle with me in my purse and backpack and I’m always one spray away from locks even Rapunzel would be envious of.

It’s perfect for adding volume to your braids, ponytails, and space buns, along with giving you that extra ounce of confidence as you slay your look. The trick to getting your hair just right is to spray in layers before brushing the product through your hair to make sure it absorbs all grease and oils. The tropical scent will leave your hair smelling fresh all day long, and no one will be the wiser that you missed a wash after studying all night long.


Not to mention the packaging is cute and convenient for tossing in your bag before heading out the door. An essential for every girl boss on the go! Stop fearing bad hair days and start anticipating trying out your new favorite hair product! Enter the summer months with confidence and optimism because you’re about to have the best hair in town.


All photos taken by author.