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Please Me Don’t Tease Me

Many women sit on their couches and wonder “How do I get the guy of my dreams?” Well I’m here to tell you it’s a lot easier than you think. As long as you’re willing to do a few simple things, you will have guys knocking at your door to be with you. 

Step 1: Be physically active. So in laymen’s terms, exercise. You don’t need to live in the gym if that’s not your style. Find something that works for you, perhaps playing sports, swimming, jogging, or cycling. There’s plenty of ways to get that lean, toned body guys are looking for. 

Step 2: Emotional stability is something I look for even more so than a great body. A guy needs someone that he can sit down with and talk to. Emotional outbursts of anger, sadness, and overreacting to things is something that scares a guy away. Think things through.  I know most women think guys are impulsive, but trust me when I say we do a lot more thinking then you give us credit for.

Step 3: I, like most men, love food. But the act of making a quality meal is something that takes time and effort that’s not always available. If you want a guy to notice you care about him, make him a meal. And I stress this the most, making him a sandwich is greatly appreciated, but cooking a steak dinner is the stuff wives are made of. The time, effort, and money show that you care and a guy does notice. Especially if it’s a one on one dinner, not a dinner with friends.

Step 4: Cleaning up after yourself is something most women don’t have trouble with, but sometimes it’s a problem. This doesn’t just go for your bedroom which is something that most guys could care less about.  It usually is the bathroom that can be a source of problems. The hairbrushes and multiple make up containers laying askew across the counter tops as well as your tampons sitting next to your toothpaste, can be a source of some anxiety for men. You might think well this is your place he can deal with it, but when you’re trying to get the guy, being clean is important.

A guy might not say that these things are important to your face, but trust me when I say guys care about these things. You also need to realize you shouldn’t over extend yourself when trying to get the guy you want. Being yourself is something that should be the main reason a guy falls for you, because there’s a guy out there for every girl. There’s guys that love arguing or love being told what to do but they are far and few between. Just make an effort to show that you care, don’t dress like a bum and wear makeup, maybe even straighten your hair, and who knows I might just come knocking for a date. Most importantly love yourself before anyone else can truly love you.

-Real UCF Guy

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