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4 Tips to Plan the Ultimate Galentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is probably the most polarizing holiday. Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is very commercialized, and therefore, very in-your-face. Whether your relationship status is single, married, dating or “it’s complicated,” it’s vital to celebrate Galentine’s day, a holiday of its own. I have you covered in planning the ultimate Galentine’s Day with your girlfriends. Respectfully, no boyfriends or “situationships” will be allowed at this event, so don’t even bother bringing Stephen along.


First things first: set the scene. Whether you’re hosting at home or having a picnic at the park, the perfect decor is a must. Heart-shaped balloons, pink and red flowers, streamers, trays, plates and tablecloths are also must-haves. I also recommend setting up a cute photo wall to be the background of an Instagram-worthy photo shoot.


Going along with the pink and red theme, anything you and your girls like that meet the color requirement goes. Some recommendations, however, include a heart-shaped cake, rosé champagne, chocolate-covered strawberries, heart-shaped pizza, fun cocktails or mocktails and a Valentine’s-inspired charcuterie board filled with your favorite sweet and savory snacks.


Remember the heart-shaped cake I mentioned? I consider it equally an activity as it is a dessert. Buy a red velvet cake mix, a heart pan and colored icing, and get creative with decorating. After all your hard work (and plenty of pictures), you can all enjoy the cake you made. Another activity idea for the creative type is painting. You can either do a Bob Ross tutorial or let your creativity shine and everyone can paint whatever inspires them.

For the performers, Just Dance and karaoke never disappoint. Another go-to is pulling out the card games and board games you and your friends never get around to playing. Make sure that throughout the night, only throwbacks and songs that make you feel like a baddie are played. Also, no talk of boys is allowed.


Aside from the music selection, another rule is everyone has to dress up and look their best — whatever that means to you. You want to feel confident, take some bomb pictures and hype each other up.

As I mentioned previously, no boys are allowed. But that doesn’t just apply to the invite list. This should be a boy-free zone. Meaning no boy-talk whatsoever, no texting boys, and no thinking about boys this Galentine’s. This is your time to enjoy your beautiful girlfriends and show your love for them, whether it’s just for an hour or a whole day event.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to only be for couples. Thanks to these tips you and your girls can have the best time celebrating each other during Galentine’s Day!

Alyssa Mehrberg is a junior majoring in Psychology and Ad/PR. She is from Fort Myers, FL and enjoys going to the beach and being in nature. She loves all things wellness and fitness related, as well as cooking healthy meals, psychological thrillers, and sunsets.
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