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Places to Study… Other Than the Library

We’re in college. We study our butts off. It’s what keeps our GPA and scholarships afloat, therefore keeping our parents off our backs. It’s something that we have to do more often than we’d like, but oftentimes we get distracted. Ever been at home trying to study with your cell phone and laptop right there next to you? You’ll most likely be back on after approximately five minutes of skimming. Then you get back to it and are actually comprehending what you’re reading, when all of the sudden your roommate barges in with a story about that jerk she’s attempting to date, and then your streak is over.

Most of us have learned that lesson after one attempt at at-home studying, so we have moved our studies elsewhere. I’m assuming that 95% of us head to the library since there is rarely a single computer or chair open. With 60,000 students all looking for a place to study in the same building, the library can be just as chaotic as home. The people watching alone can be so captivating that you barely even get to your textbook.

Instead of spending all your time searching for a seat or giving into the countless distractions around us, I’m going to offer you some alternatives to studying that are really worth your while. Time to hit the books…without all the noise and stress!

1. I’ve got three words to a place on campus that’ll change your life: All Knight Study. It’s located on the corner of the arena and right across from Kyoto. This is great for people who enjoy the library atmosphere, but always have trouble finding space. It has study rooms, computers, and comfy couches galore, yet it seems to be virtually undiscovered by many students. I’ve yet to go there and not be able to pick and choose where I study. It’s also a great place to go to for scantrons and printing. The lines at the computer lab in the Student Union are always atrocious, for those who weren’t aware. Also, just like the name implies: It’s open all night! That means you can go there in the middle of the night and get your study on like many of us attempt to do at home.

2. Starbucks is not uncommon, but seriously, it’s gold. The atmosphere is always filled with students and professionals alike…always trying to stay serious and quiet and always trying to stay awake. What’s better than studying at a place that offers a solution to your sleepiness? It’s calm and smells wonderful and, of course, the beverage selection is wonderful. If you feel yourself nodding off, head to Starbucks to get reenergized and start again.

3. One of my personal favorite places to study (especially on campus) is the Reflection Pond. It may seem a little uncomfortable during September, but once the weather starts improving, it is wonderful. The view is spectacular and everyone around you seems so at peace that it relaxes you. It’s a great place to read a textbook. Just bring a blanket to sit on, grab a seat under the shade, and you’re good to go. One thing about the Reflection Pond is that it’s obviously not good for night time, but you could always head to one of the other spots I mentioned on campus once the sun goes down.

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