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The Perfect Graduation Gift

The time has finally come for seniors. After four years (or maybe five or six) of football tailgates, weekend parties, early morning classes, late nights at the library and homecoming activities – graduation is here. This can be a depressing yet, stressful time for many. Having to enter the real world and start your job search doesn’t sound so exciting anymore. But, there is one thing guaranteed to keep you smiling. With graduation comes gifts, and I mean many gifts. From your parents, grandparents, cousins, and even relatives you didn’t even know you had. Picking out the perfect graduation gift is not always an easy decision to make. So, we have decided to pick out the perfect one for our Her Campus UCF readers.
I think a beautiful piece of jewelry fits this occasion just right! Jewelry lasts a lifetime and is a necessary accessory for your first day of work in the business world. Our jewelry pick comes straight from POSHGLAM & YouCeleb. YouCeleb.com is the first e-commerce company featuring daily deals inspired by celebrity fashion and some of POSHGLAM’s favorite designers. They have recently launched with Designer Nicky Hilton, promoting her Bypass Spike Bangle. Her bracelet is on sale exclusively priced at $150, 25% below retail (https://www.youceleb.com/).

The best part about this deal is that you are giving back to the community with every purchase. Nicky Hilton is raising money for her favorite cause, Races to Erase MS (http://www.erasems.org/). Hilton’s thrilled about the promotion and loves the idea of helping those in need. So now it’s your turn, make a difference! Start spreading the word about this wonderful graduation gift to your family and friends. This perfect piece of jewelry can soon be yours!

Who wouldn’t want to feel like a fabulous celebrity on graduation day?!

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