Our 10 Favorite Things About the New and Improved Sabrina

While we all loved watching "Sabrina The Teenage Witch" growing up, the new Sabrina Spellman is nothing like her 90s iteration. The kitschy original was cute but "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" is seriously scary. Everything on this show has gotten a dark and twisted update from Sabrina's magic to Salem's powers. 

1. The Outfits

Forget butterfly hair clips and copious amounts of body glitter; the new Sabrina has serious style. From Sabrina’s quirky-chic looks to Ambrose’s upscale lounge attire, this show has all the fall/winter outfit inspiration a person could dream of. Honorable mention to the Weird sisters' coordinated coats—their elevated schoolgirl looks are definitely worth replicating.

2. Magic School!

The 90s Sabrina only attends mortal high school and has magic lessons in the other realm on occasion. In "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," she gets to attend The Academy of Unseen Arts. This school is not as easy as an afternoon spent with an eccentric witch or wizard; while Sabrina is there she has to deal with murderous witches, learn dark magic and fight Satan himself. 

3. Harvey Kinkle!

Everyone's favorite guy Harvey is just as great in this version of the show. Ross Lynch does an amazing job bringing out his sensitive side. Sabrina’s main beau is just as cute and lovable and has a new and compelling connection to the world of magic of his own. Their forbidden romance inspires Sabrina to make a lot of difficult and shocking decisions throughout season one. Harvey is the sweet supportive boyfriend dreams are made of, though he does make an appearance in some nightmares too.

4. The Not-So-Subtle Sidekicks

Sabrina’s friends are more than side characters in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina." Each of them has their own connection to the world of magic that they begin to learn about as Sabrina becomes more involved with magic. Jaz Sinclair, Susie Putnam and even Harvey all find that their world is not what it seems and they begin the process of finding their place in it. 

5. Aunt Hilda and Aunt Zelda

Probably the biggest shift in this version of the show comes from Sabrina's guardians. Unlike the old version, where they owned a clock shop and generally got into zany predicaments, these aunties own a cemetery and really know their way around a graveyard. The Spellman matriarchs in "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina" are intense and sometimes downright terrifying. Hilda is still sweet and open-minded, but she is also a master with potions while Zelda is still strict and smart as a whip but ruthless. Like the first version of the show, they disagree constantly but they both love Sabrina and strive to protect her in their own ways.

6. Girl Power! (Or should I say powers?)

The world has become a lot more progressive since the 90s and the new Sabrina reflects that. Sabrina and her friends actively work together to confront social issues. From the school club Sabrina starts with her mortal friends to protect girls at Baxter High to the Weird sisters' intense bond, this show is full of strong girl gangs. Witches and mortals alike have to fight against the forces of the patriarchy.

7. Mrs. Wardwell

Mrs. Wardwell is a new character in the world of Sabrina and she brings a lot to the table. She is one badass witch and a literal man-eater. She's definitely not a morally upright character; in fact, she's ruthless and cunning. Her goal is to guide Sabrina along the path of night and she won’t let anything get in her way.

8. Salem

Was anyone else relieved to see a real cat instead of a creepy animatronic in this version? Sabrina’s furry sidekick is not the snappy jokester from the original show; instead, he's a powerful goblin who helps watch over Sabrina and keeps her safe. He almost makes me wish I were a cat person. The persona of Salem from the old version of the show has been taken over by Sabrina's cousin, Ambrose Spellman.

9. The Adult Drama

The adults are much more in focus in this version of the show. They are more than just parents and teachers; they're well-rounded characters with lives of their own. Drama in this series isn’t limited to high school (or The Academy of Unseen Arts for that matter). The adults on the show have just as much to deal with as Sabrina and her friends. From parenting differences and affairs to spells and actual murder, these adults are just as entertaining as their kids.

10. The Weird Sisters

Forget Libby and her cheerleading squad—the Weird sisters are seriously sinister. They don't tease Sabrina with insults, they torment her with curses. These girls are genuinely scary and a welcome departure from typical mean girl tropes. They have excellent style, magic powers and a penchant for tormenting mean mortal boys. Prudence and her sisters are dangerous and determined to follow the path of night even in the face of certain death. 

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