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It’s gift giving season! If your bestie graduated, got into grad school or just needs to be treated, here are some of my favorite spots to find something I know she’ll like and support local Orlando businesses. 

1. Porch Therapy

For the plant mom. Porch Therapy has gorgeous arrangements, locally made ceramics, and affordable individual succulents for sale. It’s hard to not go overboard here and want to make your whole apartment a lush paradise, but with a little self-control, you can easily get something your best friend will appreciate without breaking the bank.

2. Park Ave CDs

For the music lover. A staple of the Orlando music scene, Park Ave CDs has so much to offer. New releases on vinyl and CD are always on sale and used items come and go if you’re searching for something a bit more rare or specific. Make sure to take your time going through their used 45 section. There really are some gems in there.

3. Rifle Paper Co.

For the stationery addict. Who doesn’t love getting a new journal or notepad? Rifle Paper Co. started up in Winter Park in 2015 and have since grown so much, selling paper products all over the country and it’s obvious why. Their floral stationery paper products are adorable and they’re always producing new items with their signature patterns. I personally love their patterned folder and adorable cards, perfect for sending someone a quick and meaningful “thank you!”


4. Writer’s Block

For the book worm. Writer’s Block Bookstore in Winter Park is a great place to get lost in. Pick something up to start your own little book club or join one there.

5. Pop Parlour

For the coffee date. If your bestie doesn’t need more things and just wants some quality time, take her out for coffee and popsicles at Pop Parlour. Their UCF location is super convenient but if you’re out and about downtown, stop by their second location! 

6. The District on Mills 50 – For the one stop shop

The District has tons of handmade goods from local vendors. Need a card, bath bomb, candle, dessert, and maybe some cute jewelry? This is the place to be. 

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Sara is currently attending the University of Central Florida, majoring in Art Education and Advertising-Public Relations. She loves going to concerts, drawing, promoting for her favorite bands, traveling, trying new food, and Lindy Hop. If you ever feel like being extra special, she likes almond milk lattes with an extra shot, or matcha tea. @SaraRentas on Instagram!
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