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Ticket to Brittany Broski show at UCF
Ticket to Brittany Broski show at UCF
Original photo by Bellanee Plaza
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OMG, I Saw Brittany Broski At UCFest

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

Every spring semester, the UCF Campus Activities Board (or CAB) hosts UCFest, a series of events for the students to enjoy. This year, Brittany Broski came on campus for the annual Speaker Knight. The minute I found out, my first question was how do I get tickets? I adore Broski and if I can have the chance to see her, I’m going to take it. The activities board held four distribution dates for students to come to pick up their free tickets. That’s right, I said free tickets.

The board posted the distribution dates on their Instagram, but I saw the post too late. By then, they had already finished their first day of distributing and I missed it. I knew I had to go on the second date, but there was a problem: my class was at the exact same time. The only day left was the third date, and I was able to go. I did have to wait in a long line, but it was so worth it.

Brittany Broski sitting on stage with UCF activities club for speaker knight.
Original photo by Bellanee Plaza

I was so excited to see Broski and she did not disappoint. She came out in a Pedro Pascal T-shirt, bellbottom pants, and a black cowboy hat. She was interviewed on stage by two members of the board. The interview flowed like a conversation with a friend. They spoke about being involved in TikTok, the use of media consumption, and any future aspirations Broski had for her career.

“I want to show what a woman in this field, whatever this field is, that you can be a well-mannered, multifaceted human, not just kombucha girl,” Broski said.

Broski was so inviting and friendly with not just the interviewers but the audience. Every time she would say something relatable, the audience would chime in. If they would laugh, she would pause to take in the laughter. If someone would shout to agree with her, she would explain herself further. She is more than a TikToker, she is a genuine human being.

Working in this industry can be tough. Some people might pass it off as an easy job and it can be, but being involved in social media has its ups and downs. Many people will feel entitled to talk down to a social media creator just because they are behind the phone screen. Broski felt it firsthand with people judging her body.

“The most jarring thing about being a social media creator is that I’ve never read so many comments about what’s wrong with my body,” she said. “Things I didn’t even know. But these people don’t actually know anything about me.”

Addition Arena on UCF
Original photo by Bellanee Plaza

She shared how she would love to get into voice acting one day and work in cartoons. Her future is already being planned out and she is the first person to have a say on what her next move will be.

“I want to make a series like Hot Ones. Like I’m doing it,” Broski said. “It’s medieval of course. I have these stepping stones, but I don’t want to copy them. The show will be coming out on YouTube and it’s my version of Hot Ones. It’s celebrity guest focused and it’s going to be really fun.”

Broski announced a couple of updates in her life. She has a podcast coming out. It will be focused on a Broskination update, something she is obsessing over, and something the audience needs to get into. She will be interviewing celebrities at the Country Music Awards, and she hopes to have more interviews in the future.

I had such a blast with Brittany Broski, and it was an experience that I will remember forever. I loved the personal aspect that came with the show. I was able to see her for who she is and my admiration for her will only grow stronger.

Bellanee Plaza is the Campaign Director of Her Campus UCF. She is a senior studying at the University of Central Florida with a major in journalism and a minor in film. Bella is originally from Miami and is half-Colombian, half-Puerto Rican. She loves to roller skating, paint, and read enemies to lovers.