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A New ‘Euphoria’ Episode Dropped, and I Am in Love Again

Before the new special of Euphoria came out last month, it had been over an entire year since we last saw the events go down in the HBO show. The first special was released in December 2020, titled “Trouble Don’t Last Anyways,” otherwise known as “Part 1: Rue,” and we had to wait another entire month to get the special episode “F*ck Anyone Who’s Not a Sea Blob” regarding Jules.

Jules always stuck out to me as a messy character who didn’t take Rue’s feelings into consideration — that was, until I watched the new special. In “Part 2: Jules,” you get to see Jules’ feelings and what was going on in her personal life. The little Easter eggs placed throughout the new episode connected to the main storyline of season one — like seeing Jules’ mom coming back and walking out on her again as the reason why she got wasted during Halloween — and they honestly gave a better explanation as to why Jules was acting the way she was.

Euphoria Zendaya Dancing

My first time watching the show, I just couldn’t understand why Jules continued to drink in front of Rue, knowing that Rue was in a newly fragile state of sobriety. Even though I don’t necessarily think Jules is off the hook, it makes more sense after the special. The show is so well thought out that while rewatching Euphoria, you can see how each little detail builds up in importance.

Additionally, I learned that Nate catfishing Jules had a much stronger and everlasting effect than I ever realized. It’s incredible how well of a job Jacob Elordi does at making Nate such a hateable yet interesting character. In the special, Jules realizes that she has not moved on from her feelings for him and that she’s in no position to be starting a relationship with Rue. The biggest jaw jerker was realizing that the entire “Part 2: Jules” episode was taking place on Christmas, the same day as the “Part 1: Rue” special. I’ve gained a stronger love and respect for Jules, and wish that the two would push their romance to the side to focus and work on themselves. That would be the most powerful message the show could give. 

Oh, and by the way, we better be getting a backstory on Fez in season two, or I’m sending a strongly worded email to HBO.

Steph is in her third year studying biomedical science and neuropsychology at the University of Central Florida. She is very much into going to the theme parks in Orlando and spends her day loving dogs and hyping over Harry Potter. When she's not writing, she's dying over MCAT prep, volunteering, research, or binge watching the latest Netflix show. Instagram: @stephaaniejimenez
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