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While the leaves don’t change color in Florida, I’ve felt slight breezes these past few days and I can sometimes even wear sweaters, so it’s officially fall. Since we’re in the middle of the semester, sometimes it’s hard to really bask in the fall season when the studying never seems to end. One surefire way that I remind myself that one of the best seasons has arrived is through watching films where the characters are actually in settings where fall is shown in full force, or, at least, where the fall vibes are impossible to miss. However, since many articles that discuss fall films mainly focus on Halloween-themed films, I wanted to select my favorite films that focus on just the fall season. I found this arguably more difficult since a lot of the films I watch every fall, like The Notebook, admittedly aren’t really fall-oriented. So, after ransacking my brain to determine five of the best fall films, here are the results:


You may wonder how I could include The Princess Bride as a fall film. What would be the distinguishing factors that would determine that The Princess Bride is the exact film that you watch when fall rolls around? My answer is simply that the fairytale magic of it all and the comfort it exudes make it the perfect fall film. I would argue that fall is the season of fairytales and this film delivers magic, royalty, romance, action, and comedy, besides just being an amazing movie to watch.

pride and prejudice (2005)

When talking about cinematic masterpieces, Pride and Prejudice has cleared every plate because it devours. The first scene with the piano playing and a beautiful sunrise over an open field as Elizabeth Bennett walks home gives off cozy fall vibes. Regency period dramas are fall-coded and this is a statement I will stand by. Pride and Prejudice is the perfect film to watch while snuggled up in comfy blankets, enjoying pumpkin-flavored treats, and watching a spectacular love story. Also, the hairdos and the dresses worn in this film could be a fall fashion trend if the fashion industry would simply understand their impact.

When harry met sally (1989)

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I absolutely love romantic comedies. However, I feel like even those who are averse to anything related to romance still find themselves to be fans of this film. Now, there may be some uproar about this being chosen as a fall film because it covers all seasons, but the fall fashion with the turtleneck sweaters, coats, and blazers makes it the epitome of fall films. The scenes that take place in New York allow viewers to see the fall season in all of its glory. The season is characterized by the changing color of the leaves on the trees and the breeze flowing through the actors’ hair. One of the key scenes that makes this film a major fall film is when Harry and Sally are walking and talking about their dreams, with gorgeous trees with orange-colored leaves filling the background. I can’t emphasize enough how great of a film this is, as it’s so entertaining and it’s so fulfilling seeing Harry’s and Sally’s relationship progress from somewhat enemies/acquaintances to friends to lovers.

When Harry Met Sally
Castle Rock Entertainment
dead poets society (1989)

This film is why I couldn’t make the title of this article “Fall Comfort Films” because arguably (spoiler alert!) Neil’s death prevents this film from being considered a comfort film. However, it’s still a fantastic film that I have rewatched multiple times, and it mainly takes place within the main characters’ fall semester. Dead Poets Society serves as an inspiration for the Dark Academia aesthetic as the fashion within the film serves as the standard for academic and fall outfits. It’s an unspoken fact that academia is linked to fall aesthetically. The film is also great to watch during fall when studying for midterms and finals while dreaming of obtaining our degrees. It’s an important reminder that we have to remember to break free from the monotony of everyday life to truly appreciate each day to live fulfilling and authentic lives. Carpe Diem!

avalon high (2010)

Last, but certainly not least, I had to include a Disney Channel Original Movie because Disney Channel had so many iconic films. Avalon High isn’t among the most popular of the Disney Channel Original Movies which is such a grand mistake on society’s part as it’s an amazing film. The film is set in the fall and the main character, Allie Pennington, is starting at a new school. It starts with the classic new girl in school trope, but the plot takes a twist when Allie and her new friends are connected to a larger plot of the reincarnation of King Arthur and the legend surrounding King Arthur and the Knights of the Roundtable. The setting, the outfits, the football game, the house full of books on King Arthur, and the different outfits all emit fall vibes that are so strong that this film had to be included in this list.

From football and fall semester to romance and magic, there’s no end to the fall vibes in these films. I hope these favorites make it onto your next watchlist!

Anyelina Izzo is a senior at UCF and majoring in political science. She enjoys obsessing over romantic comedies, reading, and listening to The Strokes, Cage the Elephant, and all of the High School Musical soundtracks.