My Experience With Aura Photography

In high school, my friends and I would try anything to see what color our auras were...including meditating for half an hour then looking at a white wall. An aura is essentially the energy that surrounds you and it’s deeply connected to you as an individual. Auras can be multiple colors and different hues or intensities. No two auras will ever be the same because no two people are the same. 

It wasn't until more recently that I heard of aura photography, which is exactly what it sounds like; a photo of you that captures your aura. Now I know at first it sounds as accurate as the fortune teller machines that spit out a card but there is a science to this. The way it works is you sit down in a wooden chair and place your hands on silver plates. Yes, you heard me, plates. These plates measure your energy at different points and translate it into colors as a photo is taken. As the film develops the colors appear around you.

You have to go to a place that specializes in aura photography because it requires a special camera and reading. They have places in different cities but they aren’t very common, so I suggest looking them up and seeing if there’s one near you or somewhere you are visiting. My friends and I went to one in Chinatown, so if you find yourself in the big city then definitely stop by a little shop called Magic Jewelry. 

Once my film developed the women there explained that the photo would have different sections: the left was the past, the top was the present, the right the future, and the center was the heart chakra. She explained what each color meant in my sections and what the intensity of the colors resembled. For my friend who had already done it once before; her future in the first photo became her past in the second and her heart chakra was the exact same. The most solidifying detail for me was that each aura has a distinct shape and hers had the exact same outer edge line which was completely different than mine. 

The entire experience made me feel connected to different aspects of my life. It was personal to me and my life journey as it validated how I felt in the past and present and made me excited for my future. It was a powerful experience that helped me create a deeper relationship between my mind, body and energy. As I enter new phases, I hope to take a new photo and see how my energy has changed with me.

Images: 1, all other images provided by the author.