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Most Wonderful Time of Year: 3 Reasons I Love Having a Christmas Birthday

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at UCF chapter.

I was born on December 27th. That’s right, two days after Christmas. I know what you’re thinking — trust me, after 20 years, I’ve gotten every possible response about how much that must suck for me. I just smile and nod because I love my birthday and I love that it falls near Christmas.

Here are the top 3 reasons why.

No school

I have never and will never have school on my birthday. So while this meant I never got to bring in cupcakes on my actual birthday, it also meant I didn’t have to get up early and have most of my day focused on something else, like math. Since my birthday falls during winter break, this sometimes meant we were on vacation for my birthday. And, as a northern girl, spending my 8th birthday at the beach during winter was kind of a flex.

1 week, 3 celebrations

Some people describe the week between Christmas and New Year’s as the weirdest time of the year because there’s just a week of nothing in between these two major celebrations. I didn’t realize this was a weird week until someone pointed it out to me. My week is broken up with my birthday celebration, which means I’m not left waiting around for New Year’s.

Christmas AND birthday gifts

Most people’s biggest concern when I tell them when my birthday is is that my gifts get combined. They do not. Don’t worry; I get gifts each day. I think I actually like this better than if I had my birthday in the middle of the year. Every year it seems that in the middle of the year I want something, but by December I don’t care about at all. Getting all my gifts for the year at the end means I have to take a good look at what I really want when I make my list. And I definitely check it twice.

To everyone whose birthday falls during some other time of the year, having a birthday near Christmas probably seems like the worst thing. It’s pretty cool that all my fellow Christmas babies and I have this little secret that it was definitely the best time of year to be born.

Katrina is a college senior double majoring in advertising/public relations and history. Originally from New England, she takes any opportunity to explore the Central Florida area! Her interests range from history to roller coasters to astrology to coffee!
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