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Make Your Next Party Pop With Diet Coke Cocktails

It can get so boring serving cheap beer, boxed wine and poorly-mixed drinks at college parties. Make a statement at your next event with Diet Coke cocktails! The new range of flavors makes it so easy to mix up amazing drinks with little effort. These mixers have a ton of flavor and are perfect for a college budget. Keep things simple by mixing them with your favorite liquor or take things to the next level by adding a fun garnish. Either way, you won’t need any party tricks when you can make drinks like this. 

Strawberry Guava Daiquiri

Use the Strawberry Guava Diet Coke as your mixer if you want all the fun of a daiquiri with no blender required! To make this vacation in a glass, start with crushed ice, add a cup of Strawberry Guava Diet Coke, throw in a shot of coconut rum and you’re good to go! Spear a fresh cut strawberry on a drink umbrella if you want some added flair, and then relax like you’re on vacation and don’t have a paper due tomorrow.

Rum and Diet Coke

Keep it classic with a simple drink anyone can make: rum and Diet Coke. Just combine classic Diet Coke and a shot of your favorite rum! This couldn’t be easier to make, and even the pickiest partygoer will be happy with this simple drink.

Ginger Lime Margarita

Reach for a Ginger Lime Diet Coke for a fun twist on a classic: the margarita. Use one cup of Ginger Lime Diet Coke and a shot of your favorite tequila over ice. Take it to the next level with a sugared rim and a lime wedge! This refreshing drink is the ideal way to celebrate a night off. 

Blueberry Acai Mule

Use Blueberry Acai Diet Coke for a  fruity take on a classic mule. Use one cup of Blueberry Acai Diet Coke over ice and add a shot of vodka. Up the presentation by using a copper mug and a skewer with a few blueberries! This drink has style, it looks great and best of all, it tastes amazing.

Feisty Cherry + Whiskey

Spice things up with Feisty Cherry Diet Coke. Cherry and whiskey is a fiery combination that will impress any guest. Make this sip-worthy drink by adding a shot of whiskey to a cup of Feisty Cherry Diet Coke, and take it to the next level by serving it in a chilled glass with frozen cherries.

Zesty Blood Orange Florida Mule

Use Zesty Blood Orange Diet Coke to create the easiest Florida mule you’ll ever make! Just pour one cup of Zesty Blood Orange Diet Coke over ice and add in a shot of vodka and a squeeze of lime juice. Serve in a copper mug with a slice of orange for some extra style points!

Twisted Mango + Tequila

Mixing Twisted Mango Diet Coke and tequila will get everyone in the mood for a vacation. Adding a splash of tequila to your Twisted Mango Diet Coke is the perfect way to relax and enjoy downtime. Take one shot of tequila and mix it with a cup of Twisted Mango Diet Coke for a summer-worthy mixed drink. Add a drink umbrella and a slice of mango for tropical overload! Now the only question is: which will become your new go-to drink? Cheers, and please remember to drink responsibly!

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