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To Love or To Lust

With Valentine’s Day comes a wide spectrum of emotions. Some see this day as an opportunity to show just how much they love another, while others dread it because it signifies just another day being alone. I, on the other hand, find this day to be quite the fun. Most women would choose to have a date on Valentine’s Day instead of being alone; I take advantage of this. It is my job, as well as my friends, to get as many dates for this day as possible.

Now don’t judge me too quickly.

I am not a horrible person for playing with a woman’s emotions, I see myself as a facilitator. Women have a want, so I see myself as the one to give it to them. A simple wining and dining isn’t sufficient for me.  I prefer to be a little more out of the box. Perhaps a mid-day stroll through a park, followed by a picnic by a lake; maybe even a dinner in complete darkness, where we would drift off into deep conversation. Don’t get me wrong, I too enjoy the company of someone who truly invokes the feelings of caring and love, but the fact remains, those things aren’t easy to come by.

Why sit at home eating cookie dough, watching another “Lifetime” movie, wishing for Mr. Right, when you can be out there searching for him. UCF is the second largest school in the nation, I am sure anyone can find a person that’s willing to put up with their certain type of crazy, it just takes effort. A wise man once told me “you get in, what you put out.”  I live this every day. You are not going to find someone to call your own, if you don’t put yourself out there to get hurt a few times and learn from it. I am in a situation where I can have three valentines because I am willing to put myself out there enough to meet women I have a common ground with, and that is really all that matters.  A guy with a six pack is great, but if he is dumb as bricks, are you going to want to bring him home to Dad? I don’t think so.

The act of conversing with a wide variety of people doesn’t come easy to everyone, but it starts with baby steps, and before you know it you’ll have to plan your Valentine’s Day around your dates.

Step 1: Be willing to talk to someone you don’t know. You can’t expect someone to introduce you to Mr. Right. 
Step 2: Go places with friends that present the proper environment to meet someone you could find interest in. Looking for someone that loves music is a lot easier if you go to place that plays the music you enjoy.  
Step 3: Be patient. Love is out there, but so is lust, learn the difference.

As for me, lust is just fine.

-Real UCF Guy

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