A Love Note to Stevia

Dear Stevia,

You’ve done wonders for my life and it was necessary to explicitly translate my feelings to you. When you first came into my life, I didn’t realize how big of an impact you would make. I’m forever grateful to my Aunt Sheryl for introducing me to you. To say that I can’t live without you would be an absolute understatement. From putting you in my coffee and my nonfat plain Greek yogurt, you’ve become a morning staple. Also, the fact that you come flavored is revolutionary. You’ve changed the nonfat plain Greek yogurt game and I’m truly amazed.  French Vanilla Stevia, you especially will always have a special place in my heart.

Whenever I am without you, I experience the worst kind of separation anxiety one ever could. I never knew I could miss something so much. You know the saying “If you love something, set it free?" Well, I thought I really did love Stevia, but I guess not because I’m definitely not letting go. Instead, I’m pulling a Jack Dawson and I’m surely never letting go. I’m holding on for dear life, thank you very much.


Because of my undying obsession with Stevia, I usually have a meltdown when I realize I am getting iced coffee while I’m out and about and I don’t have any Stevia packets on me. I usually make it a priority to put some in my purse and check before leaving, but some days are a little more chaotic than others. It is rough time experiencing this, knowing you will have to sweeten your iced coffee with pure sugar because restaurant, coffee chains and houses are not on the Stevia bandwagon. Thankfully and by the luck of the coffee goods, my nervous breakdowns will be coming to a minimum as it has been announced that Starbucks will be serving Stevia. This news was groundbreaking and pretty much made my entire life. Usually I like to be hipster and savor things that no one knows about; however, I need everyone to get on the Stevia train, like yesterday, so my meltdowns about refilling my stash of Stevia packets in my purse become a thing of the past.

All in all, I don’t know how else to thank you, Stevia. Writing a love letter was the closest thing I could do to sincerely show you how much I adore you. I hope you accept this as a token of appreciation from me to you. I’ll love you forever, Stevs (we’re close and personal, so the nickname is justifiable). I can’t wait to continue this lifelong friendship.

Love Always,


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