Living in a Spring Break Destination

Many people only wish that they could live in a spring break destination. They believe that we live in a spring break snow globe where our lives are filled with the beach and partying all year round. Although that may be the case for some people, living in Fort Lauderdale, Florida is much more than that. Allow me to discuss exactly what it feels like to live where you vacation.

First, living in a spring break destination means that I am only minutes away from the beach. It is incredibly convenient and fun to go to the beach on a day off or on the weekend. Whether you choose to relax for a few hours or spend the day lounging in the sun, you are bound to have a fantastic time.

There are also plenty of activities to do near the beach, such as shopping, attending concerts, and eating great food. I spent a few hours with my friends one night riding Lime scooters (yes, they are real!), eating ice cream and watching the waves crash against the shore.

However, one downside to living in a spring break destination is the heavy traffic. Getting to the beach takes double the amount of time and, once you get there, it's jam-packed with people. Sometimes, I even decide not to go during spring break because of how populated it gets.

Second, living in a spring break destination means that I do not need to scour the globe for a neat vacation spot. Instead of spending loads of money that I don’t have, I can take a staycation right in my hometown during the break. Fort Lauderdale offers a host of exciting events annually and most are free.

For example, I went to an art festival with my parents one night. It was beautiful to see all the unique art being displayed and the murals that were adorning the walls. I also visited a local museum called the Stranahan House, where we went on a ghost tour. Lastly, we rode a boat along the Intercoastal Waterway to see the beautiful mansions lining the water.

Third, living in a spring break destination means that I am really grateful for my hometown. Whereas other people need to drive far or fly to a spring break location, I live in one. This allows me to have a greater appreciation for my hometown.

Regardless of where you live, every place has a unique culture and vibrancy that cannot be found anywhere else. Living in a snowy area means that you live in an amazing winter break destination. Although I appreciate my hometown, I also value other exciting places that I am not used to. For example, I had never seen snow until visiting family in New York. Their lifestyle is different than mine, but there are fun opportunities where they live too.

Overall, this was only one perspective of living in a spring break destination. Others may find it absolutely terrible or absolutely wonderful. For me, I am just incredibly proud to have grown up in an area like Fort Lauderdale.

And next time you’re in the area, let me know.

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