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With news constantly surrounding Kylie Jenner and her gorgeous baby girl, Khloe’s pregnancy, and any tweet Kim sends out, it’s understandable that people will ask themselves why they get so much attention and why anyone even cares.

Do I keep up with the Kardashians? Not necessarily, but I can’t avoid seeing them on my social media feeds, so I’m at least somewhat informed at all times. I’m an admirer. To explain what I mean, let’s look back to a bit of Kim Kardashian history. Her fame can be traced back to her friendship with Paris Hilton, scandal with rapper Ray J in 2007, and appearance in Fall Out Boy’s Thnks Fr Th Mmrs music video. Before that she was a personal stylist for Brandy and Lindsey Lohan. Since then, she has taken opportunities left and right in the fashion, retail, and entertainment industries. This isn’t to say she found her initial success by herself, as her parents were already important to the media, but she would eventually change the way the media approached her.

With a popular reality TV show now in its 14th season, in addition to all the spin-off series, exposure spread to the entire Kardashian/Jenner family making them constantly relevant in pop culture.

The entire family has taken advantage of their exposure and moved into modeling, cosmetics, partnerships with a range of brands, and even philanthropy. Even with the negative light that will often surround the family, I have to admire them. They are business women and entrepreneurs at their core. The Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game made over $1 million within days of launching. Kylie Jenner Cosmetics  to Kim’s net worth alone is upwards of $175 million, according to Time magazine.

They’re not perfect and have had many advantages most people don’t. I don’t know any one who can afford the luxurious vacations and cosmetic surgeries they can, but does that matter? I look at the Kardashian/Jenner family and I feel motivated to make moves! I don’t aspire to be rich, and I know I’ll never have the same body type or wardrobe, but there’s something about seeing powerful women succeed that inspires me. I hope more women adopt this perspective and look at their strengths with admiration, and at their weaknesses as opportunities for improvement.  


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Sara is currently attending the University of Central Florida, majoring in Art Education and Advertising-Public Relations. She loves going to concerts, drawing, promoting for her favorite bands, traveling, trying new food, and Lindy Hop. If you ever feel like being extra special, she likes almond milk lattes with an extra shot, or matcha tea. @SaraRentas on Instagram!
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