Jamaican Student Association's Sydney Cameron

Name: Sydney Cameron

Major: Marketing

On Campus Involvement: Jamaican Student Association, LEAD Scholars program, the Caribbean Student Association, Alpha Kappa Psi, and the UCF College of Business Ambassador.

Her Campus UCF: Hey Sydney! We know you recently helped start a Registered Student Organization (RSO) at UCF, can you tell us about that?

Sydney Cameron: UCF JAMSA is an organization that fosters and celebrates the Jamaican culture past and present. It is our goal to ensure that students learn and directly give back to Jamaica through this organization. The main goal for  JAMSA is our annual school drive service project which consists of a year's worth of donations being sent to Jamaica annually.

Additionally, the leaders of this group hope to bring an authentic Jamaican experience to the UCF campus with different programs and events that display our culture through sports, food, music and politics. The set-up of our organization mirrors that of the Jamaican political and school system. Our executive board is called a cabinet and subsequent positions mirror that of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister etc. We will also have our membership divided into houses similar to the concept done in schools back home. It is our goal as a group to leave an impactful legacy here at UCF and really give back to the island.

HCUCF: That's so cool! Why did you all decide to start such an awesome organization?

SC: We decided to start the Jamaican Student Association to celebrate Jamaican culture and excellence. The cabinet's main goals are to provide an authentic Jamaican experience for our members and contribute to the UCF and Jamaican community.

HCUCF: How would one get involved in JAMSA?

SC: Check out our Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter!