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It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas: The Ultimate Holiday Playlist

How excited is everyone for this holiday season?! I know I definitely am, and one of the many ways I get into the holiday season is listening to my very own playlist, filled with my favorite songs! Here’s my top 12 songs to get you into the holiday spirit!

12. Santa’s Coming for Us—Sia

This cheerful song comes straight off of Sia’s first holiday album, Everyday is Christmas. As if Sia wasn’t already great enough, she gave us the best gift this year with this awesome album filled with upbeat songs that make us want to break out into dance, mixed in with some slow, melodic, meaningful songs as well. 

11. Carol of the Bells—Pentatonix

This already astonishing a-capella group completely outdo themselves on this track. The group has released two best-selling Christmas albums, and have made themselves a household name when it comes to holiday listening. If you want to be blown away from some great harmonies and exceptional voices, definitely add this one to your playlist!

10. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays—NSYNC 

Who doesn’t love a good boy band during the holidays? I know I do! NSYNC, along with the many other boy bands created in the 90s, have released a slew of holiday favorites. This pop tune reminds us that no matter what holiday we’re celebrating, we must make sure we are happy and joyous throughout. So put your worries aside, and add this one to your playlist. 

9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside—Idina Menzel feat. Michael Bublé

A timeless holiday duet, this one is definitely a keeper. Covered by the Broadway favorite and the king of holiday songs, we love to listen to these two’s banter about staying for another drink. The lyrics and the melody of the song are wonderful, but the various music greats that have covered this song, make it even better. Whether these two are the ones you choose, though they are one of the best, I highly recommend this holiday favorite for your season playlist. 

8. Feliz Navidad—José Feliciano

Another classic that just can’t be ignored, Feliz Navidad, is one of the greats. Though it only consists of one very simple message, wanting to wish someone a happy holiday filled with prosperity and happiness, it has captivated people since its initial release in 1970. This one’s melody is almost impossible not to sing along to, and will continue to wish us all a Merry Christmas from the bottom of its heart for many years to come. 

7. Mistletoe—Justin Bieber

When this was released in 2011, I, along with many other Justin Bieber fans at the time, couldn’t get enough of our songbird crush singing about spending the holiday with his special someone. I’m sure plenty of us envisioned ourselves as the girl Justin was singing to and wanted to cuddle up under the mistletoe with him. Besides that, the song does its best to describe the relationship side of the holiday, and is definitely worth a listen. And if you were a Bieber fan, this one will take you back in time for sure. 

6. Rocking’ Around The Christmas Tree—Brenda Lee

Another upbeat holiday track, this 1958 hit has been a holiday favorite for many years. This one is perfect for a holiday party, and will make everyone want to dance with its cheery tune and the mention of the “party hop.” The song had its 50th anniversary in 2008, in which it was revealed to be the 4th most digitally downloaded holiday track ever. And like many other landmark holiday songs, it has been covered by many music artists. 

5. The Christmas Song—Nat King Cole

“Chestnuts roasting on an open fire…” That line alone is one of the most famous out of all the holiday music listed. This beautiful classic, sang by one of the most talented singers of all time, is one that is a definite when it comes to celebrating the holidays through song. Describing the traditions of Christmas, Cole uses his warm, melodic voice to wish us all a happy holiday—and reminds us to cherish this time with the ones with love the most. 

4. Jingle Bell Rock—Bobby Helms

This repetitive classic has a special place in our hearts when it comes to the holiday season. Not only does its repetitive tune keep you singing it all season long, but it is also the backdrop to one of the best scenes in pop culture history—the slutty and hilarious dance scene from Mean Girls, in which the girls do a cringe-worthy choreographed sequence to this song. So whenever you hear this song, just know that Regina George’s mom is somewhere with her video camera, helping you remember your holiday dance routine. 

3. Last Christmas—Wham!

A personal favorite, this one will always be on my list of favorite holiday songs. Originated by the hit 80s band, Wham!, led by its talented front-man George Michael, this pop tune’s success was inevitable. Telling us how his last love broke his heart last Christmas, Michael asserts his mission to give his heart to “someone special” this upcoming holiday season. The track focuses on the loss of a love, but the openness of someone new during one of the most wonderful times of the year. Unfortunately, Michael died on Christmas day back in 2016, but this everlasting song will forever remind us of his spirit during the season. 

2. All I Want for Christmas Is You—Mariah Carey

Our ultimate Christmas “anthem,” this definitive track embraces the true happiness of the holiday season. Carey’s powerful voice narrates the tale of how she only wants her love for Christmas, and won’t settle for anything less. This is a perfect song to share with your boo, but if you’re single, you can find plenty of vines/memes that are associated with this song to crack up to. 

1. It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year—Andy Williams

The title of this song is the most accurate thing ever. #1 goes to this classic song, which uplifts us all with his playful melody and the lyrics that remind us of how joyful this season can really be. Like many other popular Christmas songs, this one has been covered by various artists, who all share the same belief that Williams did back in 1963, when the track was first released.  This one will always be one of my absolute favorites, and on replay for the entire holiday season! 




Peyton is in her junior year at UCF. She is a journalism major and a political science minor. She has always had a passion for writing and enjoys  being a UCF HerCampus team member. Go Knights! 
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