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It’s Time to Admit You’re a Belieber

2016 is quickly approaching and almost every human, man and woman, has acknowledged the fact that they have caught the Bieber fever. Despite this, there are a few lingerers who are still too proud to admit their admiration for the 21 year old heart throb with an infamous hairstyle, unique fashion sense and a voice that could end a world war.

So my question is: what is holding you back? Are you still not over his 2013 stunt where he urinated in a restaurant mop bucket? You can’t tell me you’ve never just HAD to go. Or maybe it’s his long remembered Bieber haircut. But come on guys, that style has been long gone for some time now and he’s gone through a multitude of amazing hairstyles. If I was judged for every hairstyle I had as a teenager, I’m not even sure I’d have a single friend left. And don’t even try to say it’s his music. Have you heard his Hotline Bling remix? Or his entire album Purpose?! I mean, there’s no denying his voice probably resembles the sound of the gates of heaven opening.

When it comes to the music, not only can Justin sing, but he plays many instruments including the guitar, piano and drums.

 I know that a good amount of celebrities seem to forget about their fans, and never want to take photos or autographs, but Justin simply does not fall into this category. There is absolutely no denying that Justin Bieber has some of the craziest fans out there. There’s no chance he can go anywhere without a swarm of screaming girls surrounding him. Despite this, he still manages to constantly take photos with fans, meet some of his biggest supporters while doing appearances like on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and he often replies to them on his personal Twitter. These may sound tedious, butwhen you’re some one as well known as Justin Bieber, these acts are no small feat! 

While Justin is known for his lavish cars and expensive wardrobe, he does give back often, whether it’s giving money to those in need, or surprising his fans. Here, he sold a pair of his Nike basketball shoes for more than $62,000 in an eBay auction to benefit a food bank in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. Recently, he surprised one of his biggest fans by throwing her a Quinceanera Party. 

Ellen Degeneres and Justin Bieber are practically besties, and honestly, I fully trust Ellen’s judgment of people. 


I mean, can yo ublame them for being such good friends? He’s genuinely funny. 

Now, it may seem shallow, but when it comes to the looks department, Justin Bieber is incomparable.  Here is a series of photograohs to prove this point:

Still not convinced yet? What about this:

Well, that escalated quickly.

All in all, I think what Justin ultimately wants to know is, is it too late now to say sorry for all of his previous troublesome issues that may have led you to believe he’s someone he’s not? What do you mean you still don’t like him? Where are you now that he needs you? </3




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