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Isaac Rossi

Name: Isaac Rossi

Age: 21

Major: BA Theatre Studies with a Minor in Writing & Rhetoric

Hometown: Miami, FL

Single or taken: Single

Greek Life? I’m not a part of Greek life, but I do appreciate the way they know how to have fun!

What are your favorite hobbies? Movies, reading, being outdoors, sports, fitness, music, hanging out with friends, meeting new people and laughing I love to laugh

How would you describe yourself in three words? Outgoing, Creative, Happy

What are your goals for the future? Beyond graduation, I hope to leave a footprint on this beach of life that will never be forgotten. I hope to change someone’s life for the better the way that so many amazing people have changed mine. I’d like to travel the world for a bit and, I hope to be a part of a tremendous film that can help me achieve my goal of winning an Oscar. I’d like to be able to provide for an incredible family and a breathtaking wife, although my main goal above all is to simply live life to the fullest.

What is your all-time favorite movie? The Dark Knight

Who’s your celebrity crush and why? If I had to choose one it would be Amy Adams because she is such a talent and strong woman. She is so versatile in the roles she takes and is such a unique beauty. You can tell she is someone who has a backbone and goes after what she wants.

What traits attract you to a girl? The first thing that attracts me to a girl is her smile and her eyes. If the first thing I see in a girl is her smile then it means she enjoys being happy, and the eyes are also vital because that’s how you really get to know someone. Although as a Hispanic, I do love me some legs! As well as a woman that knows how to use what the good Lord has blessed her with, meaning that as respectfully as possible!

Favorite female feature? I would have to say the sense of humor is my favorite- I love a girl who can laugh often because I like to joke around and have a good time.

Who typically wears the “pants” in the relationship? I would like to think that there are no pants in the relationship I am in. Having said that, I am okay with sharing the pants. As long as she allows me to be a man, and stands behind me and my decisions.

What is the most romantic gesture you’ve ever done for a girl? One time, I snuck into this girls house and laid out rose petals from her front door all the way to her bedroom. Then I set up a heart made of Dove chocolates on her bed. In the middle of the heart I spelled out “GF?” to ask her to be my girlfriend. I also put a bottle of her favorite wine on the bed, and a stuffed dog signifying that I was going to buy her a puppy. Which I did… it was a Malti-Poo, but I like to think that the best romantic gestures in my book are yet to come.

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